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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all, hoping you can help perhaps? My 74-year-old mum has been in hospital for sclc top-left lobe. That was removed in surgery last week, and despite having a pulmonary bleed on the table which early ended things, and a lung infection, mum has been recovering well. She was told by her oncologist today that her recent headaches are because the Squamous Cell has metastised to her brain - I don't know how many, or how bad. But he has told her she has less than a year to live. I am trying to see her oncologist tomorrow, and he will no doubt tell me more, but are there any links I can be looking at, about potential treatments? I also need to know what to say to someone who has just been told they have a year to live. Any advice gratefully received, I'm in the UK. x
  2. My name is Eugenia and my mom, Theresa (Terry), has very recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. She is only 72 and stopped smoking over 40 years ago. She worked in a laboratory doing cancer research for 40 years before retiring 10+ years ago and was handling chemicals for cancer research her entire career at NIH and Human Genome in the DC Area. She started having back pain in October and it took almost 2 months to determine what was wrong. First they thought she had pulled her back picking up her grandson, my 10 month old son, and the doctors gave her muscle relaxers. Then, the doctors thought she had pneumonia and she was given antibiotics. Then, she went back to the hospital because the antibiotics were not working and they did a CT scan and found a mass in her left lung. It has been a long and awfully slow process and after multiple hospital visits, biopsies, scans, etc. and us pushing things along, they found that the cancer spread to her bones - spine, chest, and head. Her spine is covered, which is what is causing her back pain but she is now on pain medication to keep her comfortable and help her get stronger. She starts cancer treatment next week and she has a positive state of mind so far - she is ready to fight this! What can I do to help her stay positive and get healthy and strong? I live in DC but was there for 2 weeks over the holiday helping take care of her and my dad and working with doctors to come up with a plan quickly. She is being treated at Zimmer Cancer Center in Wilmington, North Carolina and they live one hour south. The oncologist wants to treat her with 3 drugs - 2 chemo drugs plus keytruda - every 3 weeks x 4 rounds. We are still waiting for her gene marker testing to come back to know if there are other drugs that might work better for her situation. Does anyone know if Zimmer is a reputable cancer center? Should I be looking for a second opinion or clinical trials at a research institute and if yes, how do I go about doing that? What alternative treatments, food, medicine, should we be considering? I don't want to miss any opportunities for treatment and will do anything to help her fight this. Thank you for any advice you might have for me and my family. Happy New Year :)
  3. Hi guys, My dad was diagnosed with NSCLC(Squamous cell) on October.In my state where we live (Kosovo), is really difficult to find a PET scan machine.So in this way, we didn't want to lose time.Doctors said that our best option is to do an MRI to check if there the cancer has spread to other parts.Thank God, the result showed that the cancer is only in left lung and the size of tumor is 33mm.The tumor is near big blood vessels and is difficult to do a pneumonectomy.In this case the doctor suggested my father to start a neoadjuvant chemotherapy with 3 cycle (Carboplatin + Paclitaxel) and after that we have to do a PET scan outside Kosovo to check if the tumor to check how many lymph nodes are affected and how much the tumor shrinked.Now he is in second week of third cycle of chemotherapy. During the chemotherapy, he gained 10 pounds.I know this might sound weired, but yes, he gained 10 ! During chemotherapy, he didn't feel any of chemotherapy effects, expect hair loss.Even his half lung is blocked, he never had problems with breath.He told me that he can breath better now.We have run a lot of times on mountain and the didn't have any problem. His blood test are just amazing ! He even has better test blood than me ! His heart result are also perfect.He Now I have a questions for you. What is the impact of this chemotherapy combination on mediastinal lymph nodes ? After all these good signs, is his body trying to "tell" us, that the chemotherapy is helping him ? Best regards from me !
  4. Hi- My mother had a lobectomy to remove a tumor in her lung. It was concentrated and not in any surrounding lymph nodes, but it is Small Cell Lung Cancer. She has opted out of any treatment and the Dr predicted that she would start to have symptoms of spread in about 6-8 months. She is at 7 months now and is still clear. However Oncologist recently tested her vitamin levels and it is showing very high levels of vitamin B 12, and my understanding is that this can be a factor in lung cancer. Can anyone tell me if this indicates that her original cancer has metastasized? Any info would be helpful. Thanks!
  5. Hello everyone. My uncle was recently diagnosed with lung cancer, stage 3. Surgery is not an option, nor is radiation treatment. His only option is chemotherapy. He attempted to obtain a visa to the US in order to get treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas but was denied the visa. He is now considering cancer centers in Germany. I have attempted to research the rankings of cancer centers in Germany, but have come to no conclusive result. I was wondering if anyone knows of a reputable cancer center (perhaps one that is particularly known for lung cancer) in Germany, based on past experiences or perhaps by word of mouth. Thank you all for your time.
  6. Trialbee is recruiting for a clinical study to evaluate an investigative treatment for Lung Neuroendocrine Tumors (Lung NETs). You may have heard of this condition being called Lung Carcinoid Tumors, Bronchial NETs, or Pulmonary NETs. A total of 216 patients will be a part of this global study, which has been approved by the FDA and relevant ethics committees. We are looking for both males and females, aged 18 years or older, who are diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumor of the lung (Lung NET). To find out if the study may be suitable for you, please visit this website. This post has been approved by LUNGevity Foundation.
  7. Good Morning Good People! I am very new to this group and discussion board. I was recently diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer. While I am attempting to read the diagnosis with all the different terminology, I can say that It has metastasized to my liver and more recently parts of my brain. I spent a bit of time researching alternative methods (So against Chemo), from the Gerson method to medical cannibis drops. I am really looking for a holistic approach and have attempted to change my diet as well. I have been attending what I would consider a "teaching school' hospital here in Long Island, New York. With that being said, the Oncologist is just bent on (1) there is no cure, (2) chemotherapy is my only answer, and (3) this may buy me an additional three months or so on my life. I have an appointment with the radiologist next week to discuss the approach to the new nodes in my head. I guess my question is; am I looking to deeply into the process? Does anyone have any great solid advice or leads that I can look into? I have heard, read and seen a few survivor stories even on CNN and Al Jazeera America about the success of medical marijuana and would rather take my chances with that. Am I wrong?
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