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Found 17 results

  1. Has anyone on here had the side effect of a loss of taste, while on Keytruda treatments?
  2. May2 Age: 42 Recently Diagnosed 1/16/2020 NSCLC RET Mutation, stage IV. Currently I am on Keytruda,immunotherapy. Started my first treatment two weeks ago, I am scheduled for my next treatment next Friday. Doctor said to do my scans 2 weeks after my second treatment of Keytruda. If there is positive response we will continue. If Keytruda is not effective he will add chemo. Hoping Keytryda will have a positive effect. 🤞🏻🙏🏻🤲🏻🤲🏻 Let me know if you relate....
  3. Hi all, Since my other discussion thread was getting quite long and it's been 1 year since my mom started Keytruda, I decided to start a new thread here, where it might be better seen by those who are looking for information on immunotherapy. So, the 1 year update on my mom....she survived and lived to talk about it!!! She got her CT results yesterday and it was all good news....area around the cancer is stable and may look better (inflammation-wise). We have not been able to see the mass on the back of her trachea since October (2 months after beginning chemo + Keytruda). It st
  4. The main side effect I've had trouble with following seven Keytruda IV treatments, is severe joint pain. My question is... are there any patients or caregivers out there who can recommend a medication to help me with the pain? So far, Ibuprofen and Aleve don't do much to calm down the pain.
  5. Keytruda Vs. Chemo & Radiation... I can't decide! This is for my mom - age 74 with numerous health issues just diagnosed in December with Primary Lung Adenocarcinoma, though the stage is not confirmed - they're guessing stage 4. She has a general oncologist locally, and a lung oncologist's second opinion with the best credentials at MD Anderson, but frankly, we're unhappy with both oncologists, but it's a toss up between which treatment regimen is best to try at least first - these are the facts: Her current health issues: Mild-moderate COPD with a bit of wheezing (though sh
  6. I am stage 4 nsclc adencarcinoma, only mutation MEK (non useful at this time) diagnosed 9-6-18 when I broke my right femur. LC was an incidental finding on pre sure X-ray, I was and still am non symptomatic. Started chemo in Oct., Keytruda, Alitma, carboplatin, have had 4 infusions. Pet scan done Friday 1/4/18, got results yesterday before chemo, doc said he had good news and nd bad news. Good news and bad news. The tumors and nodes in lungs somewhat shrunk but now there are new areas in the lungs/nodes that are small but lighting up. There are several areas in my right leg femur bone and
  7. Hi all, I've been a member for a few months but haven't done a "full" post about my mom as I felt I would jinx the possibility of good news (desperate times call for desperate measures!) I want to write this post to share my mom's journey and possibly relieve someone else's anxiety, while gaining hope and info from all of you. So, here's her story: Overall health: 63 years old, obese, diabetes controlled with diet, sleep apnea, rheumatoid arthritis November 2015 - initial lung cancer diagnosis - NSCLC, stage IIIA. She had shortness of breath which lead to the discovery of a fe
  8. Hello, this is my first post. My dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, non-small cell, adenocarcinoma the end of July. They found 10-13 lesions in the brain, one area on the adrenal gland , one on the spine , and possibly a small area on the liver. My dad had 2 weeks of radiation on the brain immediately. Before treatment, he got very unsteady and had a drop foot. After radiation, he got most of his coordination back. He had palliative radiation to the place on his spine for pain. Last Monday, my dad's oncologist put my dad on 2 chemo drugs (not sure the names at this time) and ketruda
  9. hello, following two cycles of cisplatin/ alimta we have just returned from the doctor and after reviewing a chest X-ray, he has recommended that we stop the chemotherapy in favour of starting Keyturda treatments next week. my dad is stage IV NSCLC with a PDL-1 greater than 50%. The chest x-ray showed that his lung is collapsed, likely due to the tumour growing in size and obstructing the vessels. I am eager to hear from other people who have been given this treatment and what your experience was. Dad did not tolerate the chemo well, mostly extreme fatigue, not reg
  10. So my mother who is stage iv with metastasis to liver finally told me the truth about her diagnosis. she originally told me there was one tumor in one lung and a small spot in her liver and they didn't give her any idea of her survival rate. today she told me there are several small spots on 1 lung and then the small one in her liver. she has had 4 treatments of keytruda and the first scan looked good. her doc only did a scan this early because he was concerned because her voice had become hoarse, but he said nothing more is concerning him right now. she is due for another scan in a few week
  11. http://gisborneherald.co.nz/localnews/2941654-135/call-for-keytruda-drug-for-lung WAITING FOR GOOD NEWS. Cancer patient Alain Jorion is hoping Keytruda will be funded for New Zealanders battling lung cancer. HIGH-profile Gisborne fisherman Alain Jorion is calling for the “wonder drug” Keytruda to be funded for lung cancer patients. “It is my one and only hope,’’ the cancer patient said. Last year Keytruda, after a much-publicised public campaign, was funded by Pharmac, but for people with advanced stage 4 and 5 melanoma only. Mr Jorion and other lung cancer patients a
  12. Hello - My mom (non-smoker, 75 years old, otherwise in perfect health) was diagnosed with stage 4 NSCLC in mid-April. She was extremely active, in great shape and only discovered her cancer because she started becoming extremely short of breath and lightheaded while playing tennis (which she had recently picked back up). After all the tests, biopsy and scans, we found out the tumor was small (two centimeters) in her right lung and two nearby lymph nodes in the hilar region. She also had moderate pericardial effusion (fluid around her heart) and her PET scan showed a small spot on her liv
  13. Hi. My mom was recently diagnosed with lung cancer, well, they did a biopsy and found cancer in her lung. we don't know yet the stage or origin. she is a long time smoker, but only 53. I am really hoping they found it early, even though I know that is rarely the case. My question today is she has an appointment set and it lists 3 different departments she is meeting with. Radiation/Oncology, Hematology/Oncology, and behavioral medicine. the radiation oncology is obvious , but can anyone tell me what roles the other 2 have in treatment of lung cancer ?
  14. Hello, I have been reading through discussions and posts on here for the last week and it has been a fantastic resource - so much caring and first hand experience and knowledge... it's really a great place. I am here because my father was diagnosed with Stage iv NSCLC with mets to the brain, back on October 25th. He is 67 years old and the diagnosis came quite by accident. He had fallen off of an unstable ladder while changing a light fixture and both his chest and head were impacted from the fall so an X-ray and CT scan were done to rule out breaks. Turned out that they found a le
  15. Hi all and thank you in advance for the information and support. My 74 year old mother was diagnosed in June 2016 with stage 4 NSCLC. (Adeno-C, no mutations) upper left lobe tumor with a small lesion in the brain. Because the objective of care was palliative she did not take platinum based chemo and instead went on Alimta (only). She had targeted radiation to the brain (cyberknife) Oct scans were stable, additional scans in December showed progression. Lungs and now liver. She just started keytruda this week. Her pDL =80% She's quite frail and sleeping a ton. I would be i
  16. Edward Garon, MD, of UCLA joins the LUNGevity Foundation Scientific Advisory Board Dr. Garon brings expertise in clinical trials and other key areas to LUNGevity’s research program FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Austin Courtney [email protected] (202) 414-0791 WASHINGTON, DC (January 13, 2017) – LUNGevity Foundation, the nation’s preeminent lung cancer research foundation, today announced that Edward Garon, MD, has joined LUNGevity’s Scientific Advisory Board, a group of 19 world-renowned scientists and researchers who guide LUNGevity’s scientific str
  17. On August 17, LUNGevity hosted a webinar with Dr. Julie Brahmer to discuss recent clinical trials in immunotherapy drugs. These trials have stimulated a lot of discussion in the lung cancer community. The webinar was moderated by LUNGevity's Vice President of Support & Surivivorship, Katie Brown. Dr. Julie Brahmer is an immunotherapy expert at Johns Hopkins and a member of LUNGevity Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Brahmer is an expert in the use of immunotherapies to treat lung cancer. She has spearheaded numerous clinical trials for the immunotherapy of lung cancer, including the pion
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