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Found 7 results

  1. My husband was diagnosed July 8th, 2021 with stage IV NSCLC. We attend appointments together in person or via phone. My first goal is to provide what he needs when he needs it which includes his mental health. It is imperative our knowledge is based on the most current information. My second goal is to become knowledgeable about his specific type of EGFR mutation which is why it’s imperative to be knowledgeable on his specific mutation to understand his treatment options better. My husband consistently informs me he’s unaware of the type. His doctor is very diligent and responsive. He could of simply forgotten or wants to protect me so I don’t Dr. Google everything. (Let’s face it we all Dr Google medical information all the time How do I find out? Do I ask my husband for permission to look at his MyChart? Do I ask at the next consult? Do I leave it alone and avoid upsetting him?
  2. Hello, My name is Mary. I am new around these parts. My husband of 3 years was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer on July 8th, 2021. As my journey into caregiving as started I’m seeking information on how to support, help, and provide the best care I can for my husband. Maybe in part always seeking help myself to deal with all the craziness this brings to one’s life. Our life will never be the same (as with any other chronic illness or cancer). Cancer took our dreams of having a family, a sense of normalcy, feelings of security, and many other things. But what cancer can’t take is our strength, fighting spirit, hope, and most of all our faith in God.Thank you for reading.
  3. I'm 56 and was a longtime smoker that was screened every year for lung cancer (my mother died at 54 of adenocarcinoma) In 2018, a nodule was found on the right lungs lower lobe adjacent to the major fissure. At that time, it measured 8x5 mm and after a PET scan showed no uptake, I was told we'd watch and wait. In October 2019, another CT scan was done-now the nodule was 12x8. Because of its location, my pulmonologist sent me to see a thoracic surgeon-who removed my right lungs lower lobe. my lung collapsed a few days later and after three blood patches failed, he went back in and did a wedge resection on my *middle* lobe. Finally he did a pleurodesis which did the trick Now the fun part: Pathology couldn't find the nodule that started all this-but they found a level seven lymph node that had a carncinoma (unknown type); two level 11 nodes were clean. On Friday, I had a pet scan to see if the primary tumour was from other than my lung (I've had a colonoscopy and endoscopy-other than a 4mm polyp, all came back good) I'm treading on eggshells right now, My question: how in hell can you * not* find a nodule? BTW, other than pain from the surgical site, I feel pretty good-even with a nice bit of my right lung removed
  4. Good morning. I am new to this group. I was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer last August 2018. Mets to brain, bone and adrenal gland. First line treatment was cisplatin, alimta and keytruda. Started maintenance in January so now on alimta and keytruda with someday every 3 months. Still processing all of this and trying to stay informed and educate myself. I feel great with no symptoms. After treatments I feel tired which leads to emotion, which is the only time I am reminded I have cancer. I remain optimistic however sometimes overwhelmed at how much information there is out there and how to stay on top of all of it. Hoping I can help others stay optimistic while at the same time looking to share experiences and learn from this group. Thanks for listening ♥️
  5. Hello Everyone, My father in law is 74. Although he was very skinny but he was very healthy up on till October 2018. Four months ago he had a pneumonia and the doctors found out that he has non-small lung cancer / non malignant. There were no metasteses at that time and other organs, bones brain etc were clean. There were spots on right lower and middle lobes and also few spots on left lung. While he was recovering from the pneumonia he had a second pneumonia attack which made him too weak to even stand on his feet. Since he wasn't in the country it took him couple of months to improve a little bit so he could travel back to Canada. However last month he traveled back and he was not only little confused (forgetting words) but also very week. When we took him to emerge, doctors found out that the cancer has been spread and he has few brain mets. MRI has been done today and they found out that there is a bigger met right at the end of the spinal cord behind the head. They are going to do Surgery to remove the bigger met and then they will start with full brain Radiotherapy. As far as my fathers condition is concerned, he was confused but soon after taking the steroids his confusion was gone. He eats well, sleep well , could walk by the help of walker and use toilet. Only yesterday all of a sudden his Pulse and Blood pressure jumped up and had severe seizure like shaking but the ICU team was able to control it. Today hes going for head surgery to get that big met out. We are really confused as to what is going to happen. Anyone who went through same conditions please share your story ? We are not sure what to expect ? Would radiotherapy work ? Is it still curable? Will they be able to remove the cancer cels from the lungs without surgery ?
  6. Hello, I'm happy to find this forum, but sad I have to join it. Yes, I just got word that my chest CT of Feb 19, 2019, indicated lung cancer. After having annual & semi-annual chest CTs for several years, my pulmonologist decided two years ago that we should stop getting them. The "small" spot on right lung was unchanged & probably some scarring, radiologist & he thought. But because my husband & I are moving out of state the beginning of April, he ordered this current CT "to wrap things up," so to speak, not expecting any changes. Changes there were, however: the small nodule had enlarged & a NEW one appeared. Now, I'm waiting to hear from the oncologist reviewing my paperwork, so I do not know what kind of cancer (small-cell or large, etc.). FYI, my husband has prostate cancer since Dec 2013 & had robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy in Apr 2014, followed by recurrence Dec 2015, followed by anti-androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) & impulse modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) Jan-Mar 2016. He's considered in remission as of Nov 2018 & will be tested in next couple of weeks, hopefully shows still in remission.] Given that we're moving, it seems logical to get a complete diagnosis as soon as possible, with recommendations for treatment plan(s). Could then locate oncologist(s) in Lancaster, PA area to where we're moving, and begin treatment there. We're moving in to our new "quarters" April 9. Would be interested in any remarks, recommendations, thoughts. With gratitude, Irka
  7. Hi all, I am writing because there is a lot of confusion in my family right now. My father is 80 years old and is a two time cancer survivor - in 2004, he was diagnosed with stage 2B colorectal cancer, he had the tumor removed and chose not to have chemo or radiation. In 2007, was diagnosed with stage 2B prostate cancer, they removed his prostate and did not have further treatment. He is very health, works out every day, active, social, eats healthy, non-smoker but unfortunately, his family is plagued with a history of cancer. This winter, he began coughing a lot and has wheezing when breathing. He finally asked the doctor for a chest x-ray where they "found something." He was then referred to get a CT scan, which revealed a 1.8cm nodular opacity in the right middle lobe of his lung. I also want to note that in 2011 (when doctors released him from follow up care to monitor a recurrence from his previous cancer), the nodule was 0.4cm in size. We have been put on the wait list for a PET scan but, in the meantime, we don't know what to think. I also want to add that the current CT scan says that along the nodule, shows an air bronchogram. We don't know if this is a good or bad thing. If anyone can shed some light while we wait for further testing, it would be greatly appreciated. I heard there was a testing calculator to measure the likelihood of this nodule being cancerous in the time it has grown but cannot seem to find it. I am doing a lot of research but, again, if anyone has some suggestions or insight, it would be more than helpful. I pray for everyone in this forum as I, too, have had to face ovarian cancer. Thank you in advance for your time.
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