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Found 6 results

  1. Hello all, My name is Amber and I was diagnosed in October last year after “pulling a muscle” in my back. Turned out to be broken ribs caused by mets from Lung cancer (primary tumor in the R upper lobe with spreading to lymph nodes and bones such as the ribs, spine, pelvis, thighs, scapula). The neck of my left femur was almost eaten through so I had surgery the next week to put a rod in my thigh. No rehab!!! I realize I should have gotten rehab as i didn’t move enough after the surgery and lost so much of my range of motion and flexibility. (I’m certified in yoga and now I can’t hardly even lunge!) I got a second opinion and a referral to MDAnderson for a clinical trial of Poziotinib. I started it over Christmas last year ( i should have waited) and dealt with the side effects until Feb when a scan showed a lot of progression. It unfortunately didn’t work for me. I started carboplatin/alimta/keytruda in March and had several scares with fevers etc right when Covid was gearing up. Absolute insanity. A UTI and infected port later I changed oncologists for the third time (it was a crazy roller coaster of a ride with oncologists oct-may). Things finally settled down and I got on track with my maintenance infusions of Alimta & Keytruda. I started having severe flare ups of an arthritic nature and they became more and more frequent over the summer. I tried OT/PT but it just helped get around the pain. I saw a rheumatologist and was prescribed steroids which knocked out the inflammation and nerve pain (from arthritic symptoms from keytruda such as swollen joints). I felt like million dollars the first week or so. I was then given Methotrexate to build in my system as we started to decrease the steroid. I feel pretty good physically except after my Alimta infusion. It takes a few days to recover but it’s waaaaaay better than what I’ve previously gone through, So now I look at my life and sigh. I withdrew my kids from school as “distance learning” did not work for us. My husband hides in work and alcohol as he has always done and I’m trying to find the spiritual significance of all of this. I’m not Christian but live in a very conservative/Christian area. I’ve finally found counseling for the kids and myself but am struggling with the idea of staying with my husband. The life I have left I want to live for me. But that’s a big leap and I’m trying to find the courage to do it in the middle of this madness. Sorry, not a feel good uplifting post but it’s a nutshell of the last year. Thanks for reading and I’m happy to find a place for support and information. Have a great week:) Amber
  2. Hi everyone: I'm Josephine. My mom has stage IV lung cancer, adenocarcinoma, with MPE. Not confirmed yet (pending final cytology report and genetic testing). But with the MPE, and they found a stain matches adenocarcinoma in the initial cytology report, we know what we're dealing with. I was devastated and shocked (my mom never smoked, no cancer in her family). I cried for days, then I thought I had to be strong and be my mom's advocate. Then I found this forum, I'm glad I found you. Tomorrow is our first consultation with her oncologist. This is the appointment where we'll learn what's in the final cytology report and the results of her genetic testing. We live in Los Angeles, our city and our state is dealing with wild fires. The doctor has a family emergency, our appointment was changed from in-person to a video appointment. My mom and I are disappointed, we were hoping to meet with the doctor, assess our chemistry etc. But we understand the situation. I assume tomorrow she'll tell us the treatment plan etc. The appointment is an hour long. If you guys have any advice (what to ask, etc.) please let me know. My mom is with Kaiser. She's been using Kaiser for a good 20+ years. Kaiser has been convenient and effective (my dad had a bypass surgery and a hip replacement surgery there, both were successful), but when I ask around about Kaiser treating cancer, I get somewhat negative feedback. Reading their online resources, it seems they don't offer immunotherapy. Are any of you familiar with Kaiser and can give me advice there? Advice on anything. Open enrollment is coming up. Shall I try to switch and get my mom treated at Cedar Sinai or City of Hope? Is switching to a new medical provider isn't viable as my mom now has "preexisting" conditions. So many questions to ask. Appreciate any information you guys can offer. I'll be a regular here. Talk to you soon. Josephine
  3. I am not good at writing English as I was born & raised in Belgium. I have stage 1 lung cancer and am waiting for a needle biopsy to be scheduled. I would like some support but cannot write well. I live in California.
  4. Tlr


    Hi I am new and maybe premature to post. I am scheduled for lung surgery at Johns Hopkins on 01/07 and am frankly scared. My brother died of lung cancer; I am a 12 year survivor of Endometrial Cancer, Stage IIIC & 2 lung nodules were discovered by chance 2 years ago. I have been having CT scans and suddenly things have changed. So here I go... PET/ CT in a few days and surgery no matter what . So I am just scared and wanted to reach out. Thanks.. Trish
  5. Hi all, I am writing because there is a lot of confusion in my family right now. My father is 80 years old and is a two time cancer survivor - in 2004, he was diagnosed with stage 2B colorectal cancer, he had the tumor removed and chose not to have chemo or radiation. In 2007, was diagnosed with stage 2B prostate cancer, they removed his prostate and did not have further treatment. He is very health, works out every day, active, social, eats healthy, non-smoker but unfortunately, his family is plagued with a history of cancer. This winter, he began coughing a lot and has wheezing when breathing. He finally asked the doctor for a chest x-ray where they "found something." He was then referred to get a CT scan, which revealed a 1.8cm nodular opacity in the right middle lobe of his lung. I also want to note that in 2011 (when doctors released him from follow up care to monitor a recurrence from his previous cancer), the nodule was 0.4cm in size. We have been put on the wait list for a PET scan but, in the meantime, we don't know what to think. I also want to add that the current CT scan says that along the nodule, shows an air bronchogram. We don't know if this is a good or bad thing. If anyone can shed some light while we wait for further testing, it would be greatly appreciated. I heard there was a testing calculator to measure the likelihood of this nodule being cancerous in the time it has grown but cannot seem to find it. I am doing a lot of research but, again, if anyone has some suggestions or insight, it would be more than helpful. I pray for everyone in this forum as I, too, have had to face ovarian cancer. Thank you in advance for your time.
  6. My wife of 30+ years (Alison) and I moved across the country to AZ in Sept 2015 for her work, and for me to continue recovering from another round of Pulmonary Embolisms. Nov 1, 2015 I took her to a local ER as her "sore throat" was causing making it hard to swallow. Nov 5th the massive tumors in her lungs, neck, and heart were diagnosed as small cell lung cancer. Further test showed it had spread almost everywhere except her brain. At 56 YO, and an incredible future ahead of us, we are devastated. My job now is just to make sure she's comfortable, and gets whatever she needs or wants. My issue is I cannot find a female Psychologist in the Fountain Hills \ Scottsdale area that can see her within the next FEW weeks (we want sooner than that) that also takes our insurance (Tricare West). Any leads would be appreciated.
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