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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all, First of all, let me say reading through the comments in this forum has been a God send. Unfortunately I'm here due to uncertainty with my father. He is a breast cancer survivor of 5 years, having been discharged from oncology last year. Recently he has been having chest pain which had been put down to a pulled muscle in the chest. However, after no improvement in the chest pain, had an x-ray which revealed a nodule on the lower right (suspected to be on the lung). Nodule is estimated to be 13mm-19mm long. CT scan is booked and from my understanding and previous experience on the breast cancer journey, nothing much more can be deduced until CT results are back. I'm trying to remain positive; nodule isn't small but it also hasn't been classed as a mass. However, it's very much on my mind that this could be a new cancer or a secondary cancer as a result of recurrence of breast cancer. Trying to be positive that nodules can be caused by a number of other reasons but also aware that the previous cancer and the pain symptom could be negative factors. I know you are all living through your own battles so thought I'd say hi and see whether anyone has experience with a similar situation?
  2. Hi, I am 62, male. I smoked 7 years, when I was in my 20's, then stopped for 35 years now. My father passed away in his 50's from lung cancer. I had pneumonia in October, 2017 and was hospitalized for 2 weeks in another country in Asia. They treated me with 3 kinds of antibiotic and I was well enough to come back to US. I bought back the X-rays and CT-scan they did in a CD with me. But the CT is not clear because the pneumonia was not fully cure when taken. As soon as I came back, I called my primary doctor for follow up. He asked me to do an X-ray (11/20/2017), and it showed 'basilar infiltrates'. He asked me to do a follow up X-ray in 2 months and it was done on 1/18/18. X-ray showed the same, 'basilar infiltrates'. My primary doctor then asked me to do a CT scan with IV contrast. This was done on 1/23/18. The radiologist report is below: "There is 1.3 cm round noncalciied pulmonary nodule in the superior segment of the right lower lobe (series 3 image 106). There are subjacent patchy reticulonodular and groundglass opacities and subsegmental atelectasis.... There is 11 X 15 mm right hilar lymph node (series 10 image 52). There is 9 X 25 X 17 mm pretracheal lymph node... Visualization of the upper abdomen demonstrates multiple hypodense hepatic lesions with the largest in the right hepatic lobe measuring 3.5 cm..." My primary doctor office called me the same night, and I asked for a referral of a lung specialist. They referred me to a Thoracic surgeon. I went to see the surgeon next day (1/24/18). During the hour of visit, he asked questions of my history, and family, and prior illness. He examined me and see if any pain (none) or lumps (none). He then focused on that I need a surgery to remove the nodule. He gave me orders to do blood test, pulmonary function test, and a cardio treadmill test. I finished all those tests this week. I am now waiting for my next appointment to see the same Thoracic surgeon next Wednesday (2/7/18). I am very worried that I have lung cancer already. I also worry about the surgery. I am not sure what type of method he is going to use. I hope it is VATS, but not sure. It has been very depressing 2 weeks, and I know I can not wait too long since nodules can double in size in 3 months. I hope I am fit for surgery and I also prepared a list of questions about surgery so I can ask him next Wednesday. I am worried about myself, my family. Not sure what my future would be. Frank
  3. I was diagnosed with COPD (severe emphysema) in 2014. Had a routine CT scan done 11/26/17 where a 9mm left apical speculated nodule was seen. PET/CT recommended. PET impression read, solitary speculated left apical nodule is hypermetabolic and likely malignant. Tissue diagnosis recommended. I was given the PET results at the end of the year and due to an insurance change had to find a new pulmonologist to order the biopsy. I am scheduled to see him on the 20th and the waiting is driving me mad. I have been researching types of biopsies and there is very little I could find about the additional risk due to having COPD. Not sure which type would be best for me. Also, are the scan results positive it is cancer and the biopsy is for identifying and staging purposes? Hoping someone can give me some guidance. I am pretty scared.
  4. If I may, I would like to weigh on this topic with my own question. Please bear with me as there is some necessary backstory, although I will try to keep it short. I'm a five-year Stage IV colon cancer survivor so I have regular PET and CT scans and I've been NED for four years now. On 9/7/2016 I had a PET scan. There were no abnormalities noted in the report, but because of some equivocal results in my abdomen, we decided to redo the scan "in a few months." We did another scan on Feb. 23, 2017 and resolved the equivocal results in my abdomen and once more there was nothing reported in my lung. Because I complained of some chronic pain in my abdomen, the onc. decided to do another scan which was done last Thursday June 29. Again, there was no report of problems in my abdomen. And, now we come to why I'm here. The radiologist referring to my lungs reported, "Stable irregular 1.0 cm nodule in the posterior right upper lobe is minimally metabolic with SUV max 1.6 with no additional nodules, infiltrates, effusions or metabolic lung findings." I haven't spoken with my oncologist yet, because the results are posted online in a "medical chart software program" that patients can access. I'm wondering what your reaction to this finding of a "Stable irregular 1.0 cm nodule in the posterior right upper lobe is minimally metabolic with SUV max 1.6 with no additional nodules, infiltrates, effusions or metabolic lung findings" might be. I'm also wondering whether you all know if a radiologist can determine if a new finding, remember no nodules have ever been previously reported in my lung, is stable with just one data point. If, in fact, there was no nodule in my previous PET of Feb. 23 that means the nodule grew from 0 to 1 cm in four months which seems fast to me. Also, it's metabolically active but only minimally. I've read they really can't biopsy something so small safely and we might have to wait a while to see if it grows. Again, I would appreciate your thoughts in general and specifically whether we need to move fast to biopsy this nodule remembering it was found on PET with minimal FDG Avidity of SUV max of 1.6. Also, I would appreciate any information on lung cancer survivorship that is more up-to-date than the published stats.
  5. I recently had a CT during that found one nodule in each lung. The left nodule in the lower lobe was found in July during a visit to the ER for a Kidney Stone. It was measured at 6mm. A week ago I had a follow up CT that was a dedicated chest CT. The nodule in my left lung was measured at 7mm. They also found one on the right lung that was 13mm. The one in the right lung is also in the lower lobe and wasn't seen in July. The radiologist wrote that he suspected inflammation of infection on the right one and wants a chest x-ray in 4 weeks to recheck it. He, nor my GP seemed concerned about the 1mm growth in the left one and suggested a follow-up CT in 12-18 months on it. I thought that seemed strange and requested an appointment with a pulmonologist which has been set up to happen in about a month. Both nodules are non calcified, non spiculated with smooth edges. I am 49 and have never smoked. I am a worrier and am definitely concerned and consumed by this. Are bilateral nodules a huge red flag for cancer? Why would my GP and radiologist feel the 1mm increase from 6 to 7 not be a big deal? At this point I have not been diagnosed with anything and I hope me posting doesn't offend anyone who is fighting lung cancer right now. I'm just looking for information and advice while awaiting my appointment with my pulmonologist. Thank you for reading.
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