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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I am Chris and just found out last week I have lung cancer, adenocarcinoma. We found out today it is stage 4. We are waiting on pathology to determine if I have any mutations. Next week will do a PET scan and find out about mutations, if I have a mutation they will know what kind of treatment I should begin. I am 56 have always been healthy and active. No symptoms except fatigue and a cough and shortness of breath when climbing stairs. I had a thoracentesis to remove fluid from lung then a cardiocentesis to remove fluid around heart. I also have a small lesion in my brain. I am hoping to start treatment next week. Today I am feeling quite lost or numb not knowing what to think. My husband and kids are scared. I have always been the healthy one. I am ready to kick some cancer butt and shrink this cancer or at least keep it at bay. I am hoping to find someone who has had a similar diagnosis with some good stories to share. in the meantime I am being gentle with myself as I try and process what this all means. Hope and health to all, Chris
  2. My name is Eugenia and my mom, Theresa (Terry), has very recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. She is only 72 and stopped smoking over 40 years ago. She worked in a laboratory doing cancer research for 40 years before retiring 10+ years ago and was handling chemicals for cancer research her entire career at NIH and Human Genome in the DC Area. She started having back pain in October and it took almost 2 months to determine what was wrong. First they thought she had pulled her back picking up her grandson, my 10 month old son, and the doctors gave her muscle relaxers. Then, the doctors thought she had pneumonia and she was given antibiotics. Then, she went back to the hospital because the antibiotics were not working and they did a CT scan and found a mass in her left lung. It has been a long and awfully slow process and after multiple hospital visits, biopsies, scans, etc. and us pushing things along, they found that the cancer spread to her bones - spine, chest, and head. Her spine is covered, which is what is causing her back pain but she is now on pain medication to keep her comfortable and help her get stronger. She starts cancer treatment next week and she has a positive state of mind so far - she is ready to fight this! What can I do to help her stay positive and get healthy and strong? I live in DC but was there for 2 weeks over the holiday helping take care of her and my dad and working with doctors to come up with a plan quickly. She is being treated at Zimmer Cancer Center in Wilmington, North Carolina and they live one hour south. The oncologist wants to treat her with 3 drugs - 2 chemo drugs plus keytruda - every 3 weeks x 4 rounds. We are still waiting for her gene marker testing to come back to know if there are other drugs that might work better for her situation. Does anyone know if Zimmer is a reputable cancer center? Should I be looking for a second opinion or clinical trials at a research institute and if yes, how do I go about doing that? What alternative treatments, food, medicine, should we be considering? I don't want to miss any opportunities for treatment and will do anything to help her fight this. Thank you for any advice you might have for me and my family. Happy New Year :)
  3. Hi everyone. In February of this year my husband was diagnosed with stage 3 non small cell lung cancer. One lymph node was involved. He underwent 7 weeks of radiation and 7 chemo treatments, finishing the end of April. In July be began a year’s worth of immunotherapy every other week-Imfinsi or Infinsi? I guess its brand new at least in our area of the country. He just had a PET scan and its back in both the lung and the lymph node-smaller than before (20-30% of what it was at diagnosis), but back only 6 months later. I just dont know what to think now. After all the treatment its back in 6 months? Does anyone else have any similar experiences? Any information or help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello, this is my first post. My dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, non-small cell, adenocarcinoma the end of July. They found 10-13 lesions in the brain, one area on the adrenal gland , one on the spine , and possibly a small area on the liver. My dad had 2 weeks of radiation on the brain immediately. Before treatment, he got very unsteady and had a drop foot. After radiation, he got most of his coordination back. He had palliative radiation to the place on his spine for pain. Last Monday, my dad's oncologist put my dad on 2 chemo drugs (not sure the names at this time) and ketruda (immunotherapy drug). His oncologist said this was recently approved by the FDA to give both at the same time? I really haven't seen any info about this. I am just wondering if this is a new thing, or are they throwing all of this at my dad at once thinking he don't have much time and this is his best option? Thanks.
  5. Hi - I'm joining this forum to find out more about Adenocarcinoma and Women that never smoked. My mom was diagnosed on 11/29/2016. That day changed our lives. My mother fell and broke her femur and once we rushed her to ER the doctor reviewed her x-ray and said her femur should never break that way. From there he ordered a CAT scan which showed lesions on the femur. The next response from the doctor was it didn't start there, so he ordered an upper body scan which found it in her lung (source) however it was also in her spine, and ribs. Mom has had surgery since to repair the femur but recovery is not the only obstacle. The emotions of knowing you have cancer in so many places are overwhelming. In early December they determined she had it in her brain as well. They did WBRT for 10 sessions and she didn't have any side effects until a week after, where she lost her hair in one night and her scalp became very tender. Doctors recommended Aloe Vera and Aquaphor to soothe the skin. We just applied it yesterday so we're hoping it helps. Mom was informed that she does have the EGFR mutation which allows her to have the chemo pill rather than standard chemo. We're hoping the side effects won't be as extreme as traditional chemo. Has anyone taken Gilotrif and had positive (or not so extreme effects)? Can you give me some background or suggestions? Background on Mom: Mom is only 72. Thankfully, mom is a very strong woman she has pain but tries not to complain. She was semi-active before the fall and only noticed what she thought was arthritis pain or osteo pain from aging. She hasn't lost a pound she still has an appetite and after WBRT some of the cognitive thinking and some memory patterns returned, but depression keeps creeping in from time to time. I'm confused about a few things. I read a lot on this version of cancer and it's astonishing to me that one article stated it is now the #1 cancer for women. Why hadn't I heard of this before? Why aren't women warned? We're warned not to smoke but this cancer affects those that don't smoke. What kind of warning could people that don't smoke have received? I'm devastated that my mom is going through this. We have to keep our faith in God and sometimes we won't understand until later. Any suggestions about anything helps. Thanks for reading!!
  6. My husband was diagnosed stage 4 met to brain and super clavicle lymph nodes. Sterotactic done to brain and lung. Proton to clavicle plus 2 courses of chemotherapy. Reoccurrence to Chest cavity affecting voice, swallowing,cough and shortness of breathe. Doctor recommends Opdivo. Need to know side effects and prognosis.
  7. Hi, My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer met to liver a year ago. He did chemo from last november to about two months ago, 6 or 7 weeks ago he started OPDIVO which was recently approved. While he had some side effects on the chemo, but really nothing that slowed him down, this new "drug" has devistated him. He had 3 treatments once every two weeks for 6 weeks, and it was like he was ready to die. It all coinicided with this new Opdivo treatment. We actually had to hospitalize him last week for a few days. It's like his body is attacking itself and not the cancer. But his blood work was supposedly normal, and all the tests. Catscan taken last week revealed no growth or decline and the actual cancer was stable. Has anyone been on this? Has anyone else had every possible side effect? Can you come back from the side effects? Thank you, Karen
  8. Hi all, I've been to 2 DC Hope Summits and 2 regional Summits so I've met many of you. So I'm joining in here to share my story and, I hope, to help others find answers and HOPE. In 10/10, I was diagnosed with stage 4, poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma. After treatment with concurrent chemo (cisplatin/etopicide) and radiation I am stable and now NED. I've had no maintenance therapy and have no clue what my driving mutation is (not enough genetic material taken to test). I'm considered a complete responder- they got it all. 4 yrs, 9mos with no progression. It can happen!
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