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SCLC Google Alerts for Clinical Trials


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I don't know if anyone else has done this - but I sighed up on Google to be notified any time a clinical trial was taking place involving small cell lung cancer.

Well, in about 2 or 3 days, I was looking at info on about 8 or 9 plus trials! I went "Whoa - I shoulda done this before."

Then, when I opened them, all but one was non small cell lung cancer.

I may have received one email notice relative to small cell and it was regarding a pain/side effect reliever. I guess I keep thinking I'll come across that magic clinical trial constructed just for me. :)

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Yeah the numbers are stagerring!! sclc is only about 20% of all the lung cancers known. We are a small group with the fastest growing lung cancer there is.

I just read about the amounts spent on different types of cancers --breast 13,000, prostate 10,000, colorectal 4,00 and LUNG 1,700. Thease are are all from based on per cancer death. HIV gets more than 18 billion for budget!!

Al of these are awful but you would think there would be more spent on the cancers that kill the most. JMHO!

I look up trials every once inawhile, so far, there are meds out there for me. Thank God!

Good luck,


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Thank you for the information. Unfortunately, I have to check with insurance company to see if they'd cover the costs involved and the trial would have to be in Houston or Austin, TX or Miami, FL. I don't receive enough $ on disability to afford accomodations in a city without friends or relatives.

I understand that only 20 to 30% of all lung cancers are small cell, that the majority of clinical trials will be for non-small cell.

Thank you again for the links!!

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