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Prayers for shelliemacs's sister-surgery tom.


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Dear all,

I hope Shellie won't mind my posting this:

Her sister's second surgery for breast cancer is tomorrow (10/12/04).

Please send them both all the encouragement you can. As you may recall--this cancer came on the heels of losing both of their parents to LC.

Shellie--we're thinking of you both.

Melinda (and Geoff)

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Melinda and everyone...Thank you.

to say the least the last 3-4 weeks have been just awful. My sister prepared her will last week which just killed me. She made sure her boyfriend and I knew of her wishes should anything happen while she is on the table. She prepared her kids 11 and 14 for what would happen if they suddenly had to go live with their father and made sure I would have rights to see them.

We are still in court battling a step sister who is contesting the will of my father so the stress from that is making me nuts.

I thought I only had a flu and it turns out I have pneumonia that antibiotics are not working on after 2 weeks. (yes I know my first fearful though is that mom and dad had pneumonia too and it turned out to be LC.) I am not saying that fear out loud and right now have no time or intention of going further with any doctor.

I can just sum it all up by saying right now life really stinks. Nothing and I mean NOTHING is turning our way. I feel like I am constantly fighting and I am so very very tired of fighting. Mom and dad got to 6 months before the cancer over took them and my sister is at 4 months. I know BC is different from LC but I have no experiance other than bad experiance to look back on at this point.

Her surgery is today at 1:30. the first surgeon said his part is about 90 minutes baring complications and the second surgeons part is about 2 hours. My sister is terrified that she will have a heart attack under anesthesia and pass away. Since she said it out loud its all I think of. She is young but a bit over weight.

I know I had a point when I started typing, I just cant seem to get there.

I guess I am just venting. I have not been able to come to post in so long here, not out of time but out of hopelessness. I read everyday, just can't seem to conjure up any HOPE.

I thank you for prayers. I must admit my faith had been pretty much drained and I cant thank you all enough for picking up my tourch and asking the big guy for help for us.

I will post sometime tonight when i get home from the hospital.

so much love for ALL of you.


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