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grumpy On Lung Cancer is all but gone for now


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Hello All

Good news from me (Grumoy One Lung) at last.

I had a CT-Scan on Oct: 5th 2004, and I saw the wonderful doctor today, his report to me and wife Judy is that the Cancer is gone in my right lung (was really bad) and 75 percent gone from the rest of my body.

My 7 yeat old Granddaughter is the one that got me to go for the Chemo and it worked. Still a ways to go but it's working.

I was and will be on Calboplatia 200mg and Taxol 90mg, for me it worked, so this is to continue for the next 4 months with another CT-Scan in Dec: to track how it's working.

Staged at III from the start I don't think I had told anyone here that before. I had radiation (23) in Jan: 2003, no Chemo. Then I had Radiation (23) and the Chemo (8) starting about Late Aug: 2004.

I Thank each and everyone of You for Your help, and all of the good thoughts from this oh so special Group of Wonderful Folks.

Grump One Lung, a Special Granddaughter, Wife Judy

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So happy for you AND your granddaughter :lol:

Aren't those innocent little grandkids something, mine doesn't realize it yet because she is barely 4 but she is the reason mine was caught so early :wink: I'll fill her in on the details when she's s little older.

Gotta love em"!


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