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Mom's Response to Chemo!!


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Hey All:

Just thought that I would share some great news obtained from my Mother's onc. today....

She went in for her second round of chemo today and although her platelets were too low to have the chemo, (she will be up to snuff next week and can have it in our hometown now :D ), they took a round of x-rays etc. And the outcome.......

Her Cancer has receded by 50% with the first round already!! :lol: HOW TOTALLY WONDERFUL IS THAT!! I can't believe it and I am so thankful that I cannot even begin to tell you.

Have a great one everyone and God bless,


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That is such great news, Deb! I'm so glad she is responding well to treatment. My Mom had chemo delayed twice due to her blood counts being so low - it's just something that happens.

Are they giving your Mom any epoetin alfa (Procrit in the US; can't remember Canadian name) to raise or control blood counts?

Take care. You're in your prayers.


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Deb -- that's fantastic!

I probably share your joy at just hearing that -- I had amazingly good news after my 2nd round of chemo and before the radiation started. It's what lit a fire under me and kept me motivated to keep going with treatment. When I first heard the news and got through the shock, it would still occur to me that I might be just wasting my time and everyone else's with treatment, but when I heard that good news, it was like a new ME emerged instantaneously!

When I went for round 4 of chemo, my platelets were at about 85,000 and they wanted them to be at least 100,000 for chemo. This was a Friday, and the Oncologist said they'd probably be back up in a few days, so I rescheduled chemo for the next Wednesday. When I got there, platelets were "well over" 300,000! Boy, did they come up, and fast!

So many ups and downs in all this - it's nice to have such great "UPS", huh!!!

Tell your mom to hang in there -- if I were close to you, I'd come over and give her a big ol' hug!

Di :)

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