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Prayers and positive thoughts for David Pse!


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Dear Friends,

I would like to ask for your prayers and positive thoughts for David.

This weekend his blood went haywire again and we had to stop the coumadin and put him on mega doses of vitamin K. Today the Docs decided to put him on "Heperin," three injections in the stomach each day! Poor Man!

He is so weak now that I had to use a wheel-chair to get him into the Oncologist this morning for fear of him falling. He had a nasty fall on Saturday and even though there were three of us there at the moment, it happened so quickly we could not save him.

David has been on Iressa since Thursday and the Onc., says that he wants him to try it for two weeks, at which time we should know if it is working or not. He says, if it doesn't work by the end of that time we should consider "Hospice"!

Our girls and son-in-law were so wonderful while they were here and gave their Dad and I a lot of TLC. We had a good weekend despite the

health problems. I wish they could have stayed longer but I am grateful that they managed to get here and see their Dad anyway.

Lots of love and prayers to you all,


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Of course, you and David will have some extra prayers tonight and many special thoughts.

I am so saddened to hear that David it so weak. This Iressa has proven to be the miracle drug so often and I will pray that it proves so for David.

Glad you had a wonderful visit with your daughters. I hope you have some other help with you now that they are back home.


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Praying the Iressa works.

I suggest you ask his doctor about using a low molecular weight Heparin called Innohep. It is only one shot per day. Charlie has been on it most of this year. Also, there is suppose to be a new medicine by mouth coming out soon.

Take care.

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My thoughts and prayers are with your husband, you and your family. I hope that David responds well to the Iressa.

As an FYI - My Mom was removed off Coumadin for the same reasons as your husband and the Heperin seems to have stabilized her blood. I'll pray that it works for David, too.



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