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To Dave G. -- you're an inspiration to me

gail p-m

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I'm a fairly new member with an older Dad who has had a recurrence of lung cancer. I jus started coming to this board about 2 months ago and that's when I saw that you were in a similar situation having been a Stage 1 and now a Stage 4. I've watched you go through this, have followed your posts and have seen you show a tremendous amount of courage as you face this disease. You've helped me stay strong for my Dad-- honestly. I watch your posts and see that you still have lots of hope and plan on surviving. It helps "infuse" me to give my Dad (and me) hope as he begins his chemo next week. I'm not a 100% certain as to what has been going on with the Under 40 board but as far as I'm concerned, you've done a fantastic job as moderator and do not want you to resign. (I know you're taking some time off as you undergo chemo but when you're "up and running" again, please come back to this board and do your wonderful work). I've been quite involved in another board due to my son's blood disorder. I've watched that one have its ups and downs during the past few years. It seems inevitable when so many personalities get together and that's unfortunate. As others have said, our main job here is to support each other and that's what it should be about. That's what has drawn me to this board and God knows I need it right now! It's full of a wonderful strong group of Survivors. I want to see you posting regularly -- as I say, you've been my inspiration here. You have so much to offer and hopefully, we can offer you some support as well. I'm rambling..

Take care Dave G and thank you.

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