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Recurrence Statistics


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Hi All,

As long as recurrence has been brought up - that's another thing on my mind - i'm sure i'm not the only one wondering about that! I don't recall having seen % of recurrence for 1, 2, 3 and more years out from diagnosis. Addie mentioned % which gave me alot of relief. Just wondering out loud what are the statistics on this. Anybody know where that can be found? Doc Joe, any thoughts on this? Thanks everyone.


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I can understand how you feel but I dont want to waste time worrying if it will come back. After all that we have gone through with chemo, radiation, drugs and endless nigths of worry its time to ease up and let life just take you for a wonderful ride. Like my Doc told me now go enjoy life and live everyday to the max. So I went back to breaking and training horses and I am making plans for the future not the past. Good luck and may God Bless You. Keep the faith. :wink:


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