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I picked a great building!


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Here's the up side to my saga! Most all of the Doctors and testing equiptment I will ever need are in the same building if not that building then one of their others, which are all connected by computer. I will NEVER have to take referrals from one place to another except to the new onc and back, I think they even do them for anything that I might need at the hospital.

All my tests will be right there on their computers and all the doctors will have access to the scans etc! That takes a load off me already. So if I can just figure out a really good PCP, I have one more change I can make this year, I will be set!

Now I just need to get a new onc--got my eye on one....a few blocks from my house. We'll see who the latest PCP suggests though. She is thinking on it, she said.


who is trying to be the kind of person she thought she was before cancer and the meanest bunch of jerks I ever met who were "afraid to get my hopes up" came into my life. Problem is, I had already read too much to have any hopes to get up, up.

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Elaine -- it's like that where I go, and believe me, it is a welcome relief to not have to worry about every doc getting results from every test. Right after I had the ultrasound of my thyroid, I told the Radiation Oncologist, and it took him about 30 seconds to pull up the report. Awesome!

The one thing I do have to do myself is to get copies of my scans on CD to take to my Pulmonologist. He likes to see the scans himself rather than just reading someone's report, so I do that so I don't have to pay to have one sent to him. Other than that, they just get my records from their computer system. I love it!


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It sounds like a great situation if the doctor works out. Maybe this new PCP will refer you to the onclogist you already have your eye on. Did you pick them for the building? :) Just kidding...if no word of mouth then I figure that is as good as any other way to pick one.


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