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Possibly good news


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Everyone was so kind when we got test results last week that I thought I would share the (possibly) good news we're getting now. Radiation oncologist met and discussed radiostatic surgery or possibly more WBR with us but wanted to look at both brain MRI's side by side and have the other radiologist look at it as well. They did, along with our regular oncologist, and they aren't convinced that the one tumor is bigger - can be slight variations based on the angle. Also thought the swelling around the tumor might instead be cancer cells starting to die. So they want to hold off any drastic treatment and do another MRI in 2 months - absent any symptoms to the contrary.

The other good news is that the adrenal gland hot spot is in the same adrenal gland as originally diagnosed - I just got them mixed up somewhere along the way (gee, how could that happen!?!). So it's still there or it's there again, but at least it's not in a new place. I consider that a positive. I really surrendered this to God instead of just praying for what I wanted and many others are praying for us as well - can't help but feel He is listening. Now I have to go change the profile so I won't be reading the wrong one when the next test comes up. Thanks and God Bless to all.


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