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New to Board, X-Smoker, Prayer Works! Not when we want!


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:wink: Hello everyone, blessing to you all. I am an X-Smoker. I have been smoke free for over a year now. I joined this community to offer words of encouragement and support to those who need it. I just wanted to say to all of you, that I prayed for yearsssssssss. to be delivered from the grips of nicotine. My mom, sister and brother all smoked, almost two years ago my mom quit because she had to have quad-heart surgery, you all know what I mean :)

I belived this might have saved her life. I was happy for my mom, but envious at the same time. I wished it was me. Who would have known that less than a full year later GOD would have finally answered my prayer with a Yes.

I quit smoking without the use of gum, patches, etc.....God wiped the taste out of my mouth, I never had a relaspe, because who god delivers he is able to keep! I am sharing this story with you all to say, that quitting smoking is a spiritual thing, I believe that when we try in our own strength we fail or relaspe, but when God stregnths you, theres no relaspe.

I have since joined in the crusade of Cancer Prevention, for years man has been searching for a cure when in fact over 70% of cancers are preventable.

Please email me if any of you need an ear, prayer or support. What God did for me he will do for you. Email me and we can pray together!

God loves you!


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