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Hats off to you, Hebbie


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I am reposting this as a new topic just in case people don't see this in a previous post.

Just thought I would do a little bragging on behalf of Heather. She and her very cute husband, Brad have done an amazing job of pulling this whole event together. To meet Heather in person is truly wonderful. Not only is she incredibly competent, meticulously organized, and a self starter, she encourages others to take part in any way they feel they can participate. Plus, she has a wealth of family and friends who go the extra mile for her, for lung cancer in general. They all have this I Can Do attitude.

So, if anyone lives within 2-3 hours of Phila area, please consider on coming that Saturday morning. Her run is just off 95, not to far from the Ben Franklin Bridge so very accessible from NYC, Baltimore, and even Wash. She and her family have done a particularly good job at getting oncologists, hospitals, donations, media, local businesses to participate.

Besides, wouldn't it just be fun to all get together?

As we all know lung cancer sure doesn't get it's due. Heather and Brad are trying hard to put a face on lc. Hats off to you Heather!!


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Some of us may live to far away to come to the event. But there is another way we could support her. This event is to raise money for LUNGevity. So I'm sure if we all could just send a small donation to support her, would be appreciated. Hebbie, please pm me and let me know where I can send my donation. I am doing a walk for ALCASE on the 6th,but would still like to send you a donation. I have managed to raise a little over $600.00 for ALCASE.

Best wishes,


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I would also like to make a donation. Can you PM me the address too?

Heather--I showed my mom your article and she was amazed at your courage and strength and of course your beauty (inner and outer). Thank you so much for all you are doing!

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