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Preventive Brain Radiation ?'s

Guest DeeHee

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Hi DeeHee,

The boards are typically split on this issue 50/50. My dad had PCI and has experienced a little bit of memory fuzziness but he said it could very well be his age (nice try pops)! He said that he would do it all over again in a heart beat. If you look in a previous post by ONCODOC, I think he does a good job in discussing this. Keep on truckin', I know you'll make the decision that is right for you and your family. How has everything else been?


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Hey, Dee....

Yup, Kathi is right...the above link will take you to a discussion on PCI (Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation) that went on in the SCLC forum. I'm due to start mine on Nov. 1st. Just finished chemo on 9/15. I will have 13 treatments of PCI at 200 Cgys per tx, totalling 2600 Cgys.

My rad onc has said that at this dose, I may be less apt to have the side effects...such as headaches or swelling. As to any memory problems, well....what age wasn't doing to "my marbles"....cancer or chemo certainly took care of. :roll: I already notice a difference in how fast I can pull up a memory or thought....compared to 6 months ago, pre-diagnosis, but it's not a huge difference.

Anyway, I'm not especially worried about the PCI. I am convinced that being NED already....having the PCI can only enhance my chances to beat this thing altogether. My onc has said the fatigue will be more noticeable than when my lungs were radiated....but beyond that, I'm just not going to anticipate many ill effects. That attitude got me thru chemo and radiation before...and I figure it will do it again! :wink:

There are people on both sides of this debate and it must be a personal decision...so either choice you make, just make sure YOU are comfortable with it. If you do a search for PCI...you'll find other, older discussions here too, on this topic.

Good luck deciding. The worst thing about anticipating PCI for me...is that I'm gonna lose my hair again! I've got this "cute" white fuzz thing going on now...and there's enough of it that I no longer have to wear a cap to bed to keep my head from freezing!! 8)

Ah well....it'll come back again.....

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Hi Dee,

The others are right about a LOT of information on PCI in the Small Cell Forum! This has been discussed over and over again with all the members here on the board so I know you'll find a LOT of opinons and people who have been through PCI right here.

Also, I am going to reach out and ask you if you would PLEASE share your good news with the wonderful folks on this board. To often people come here and ask question, (which is what it's all about) but then we never seem to hear how they are doing. I know many people on this board care greatly for others and would like to hear from people on how they are doing. Do you mind my dear sharing your good news? We ALWAYS need to hear good news!!! It gives others hope in fighting this beast! Thank you!

Love & Hugs,


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