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Great test results

Guest DeeHee

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New CT and PET scans done last week show NO SIGN OF LARGE OR SMALL CELL CANCER ANYWHERE! After other doctors saying I had maybe months to live, this was like a death-sentence being lifted. WOW. I don't know where that last small cell cancer of the lymph node that showed up on Aug. 04 CT scan in the center went......but I have confidence in the doctors at the U of MN when they say it's not there now. Maybe chemo that ended in Aug. continued working?

At the moment I'm looking forward to meeting with Rad. Onc. about brain irradiation treatment, and slowly improving from Feb. 04 surgery. Somehow in this process (or maybe old age) I ended up with 2 compression fractures in my thoracic spine and I'm having a SEDATED MRI 10/18 to see about some magic injections that may be possible. That seems to be my main pain.

Chemo left me with breathing crisis (also have emphasema of course) and blood pressure ups & downs, and numb feet, but thanks to oxygen 24/7, I can LIVE with this and it's expected these problems will lessen in time.

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Way to go Dee!!

Another great, wonderful example of a short term life sentence turning into a much longer one thanks to treatment, hard work, and attitude. Have you written something up for the "My Story" forum yet? This is the kind of inspiration and hope people are looking for when first visiting our website. Congratulations, and take care.

David P.

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