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After fighting cancer for two years Howard and I are now faced with another fight. His former wife has decided to make life pure hell for him. She wants all of his blood in spite of what he went through the last two years. During this time we have been faced with large medical bills, loss of work for about 5 months, and numerous other things. She now wants the court to increase her child support. BTW these are not Howard's birth children, he adopted them and then she left not too long after the ink was dry! He has had no contact with them in 4 years.

I'm turning to you guys for help. Does anyone know what we can or cannot do since Howard has lung cancer and went through the Gamma Knife for a brain met?

Doesn't the law protect the non-custodial parent during a life threatening illness? Thanks for any suggestions. I need to vent after dealing with this all weekend! I'm afraid that the added stress will cause Howard to leave his current state of NED.

Don't know what I'd do without you guys!

Bonnie and Howard

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I am by no means a legal expert, but my best friend and her boyfriend just went thru this about 6 weeks ago. He has cancer (Non Hodgins Lymphoma) and he was already behind in child support when he got sick, and december will have been a yr since he has worked. Armed with all of his medical records they arrived in court, and the judge sided with him all the way. The ex-wife was furious, could have cared less about is health, just money. Well she wont be getting child support again, but when his disabilty goes thru the youngest 2 kids will recieve that. The judge basically wiped his slate clean. I think alot of it had to do with the way the ex wife acted. she pretty much did it to herself.

I beleive she had a lawyer, but he did not although my girlfriend had worked for about 5 yrs for a family law atty, so she had some knowledge to help in the fight.

Good Luck and will put a prayer in for the ex wife, sounds like she needs to be blessed with some compasion among other things.


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Bonnie,I'm not a lawyer either.But I agree with the others you really need legal help.Don't know about your state but here they have a legal outfit called Hyett Legal Services.(I think its a national chain).For $20.00 they will give you best anawer to your questions.Then whether you retain them or not is up to you.

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