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Dave is in a real funk

Remembering Dave

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Dave is feeling very bad, physically, from the chemo which I know is messing with his wonderful upbeat attitude.

I won't go into the details, but it is so hard for me to watch my wonderful (most of the time LOL) husband suffer so much.

He doesn't feeling like seeing anyone or talking on the phone, says he doesn't even have the mood to email or post.

Prayers to lift Dave up and good thoughts for him, please!

God Bless us all,

Karen C.

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I've not been good about being in touch lately, but I hope you know I think of you and Dave all the time...and of course, I am vibing him with my "best stuff"!!

I'm so sorry to hear that he's still struggling with the effects of chemo...and I'll keep on holding good thoughts that the ill effects will pass quickly. Tell him to just focus on hanging out with NED again...because that's what we all want to happen for him!

Actually, we want for ALL of you to enjoy hanging out with Ned and to enjoy some major good times in your travel trailer! I know you're looking forward to that!

We all go thru some periods where it's hard to stay upbeat. But David has too much humor and spirit to stay down for long....and so do you!

Hang in there...know I'm thinking of you...and wishing you all the very best.

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Sorry to hear this Karen. Does he need some chickens to cheer him up? I think Debi and Fay are in a poultry sending mood.

Wishing you, David, and Faith all the very best. One thing about having little kids around, you can't stay down for long. :P


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Hey Karen,

I've enjoyed getting to "know" you and Dave in the short time that I have been coming here. So I know that this is unlike Dave's usual behavior. It is a helpless feeling not to be able to be able to help a sick spouse, family member or friend. I think sometimes it takes more out of someone watching someone be sick than it is being sick themself....(yeah, right). I don't mean for this to be a dissertation, but only if it some use to you and David...

When I was going through chemo and rad myself, I say I had the luxury of being sick all by myself too. In other words, I didn't have to entertain anyone, or take care of anyone. I could just lay on the couch and BE sick. And no one had to worry about me. I could be quiet, which is what I wanted. My sister's golden retriever was sick at the same time. She was a real integral part of their family when she was well and a big tail wagger. When she got sick, she left the goings on of the family, and stayed in a corner with her head and tail down. That's what she needed. Rest. Even her tail needed to rest. I could relate to how Kula felt exactly. My tail wasn't waggin' either. A nice pet every once in a while was nice for her and it was nice for me too. But I just wanted to get through it one day at a time and just let myself be miserable because that is honestly how I felt.

I hope this makes sense to you. And I hope that if it fits, you can use it. If it doesn't fit then just know that there are alot of people rooting for you both, including me.

Cindi o'h

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your spirits are low they went Ker-plunk,

but I want you to come out of the funk

rally all your troops

put on your toughest work boots

we all will pull you out

and give a breat big shout

"Dave is back!" will be our cry

He is sure one Hell of a guy

so dig down deep, deeper than ever before

your reward bill be considered your biggest score

you will win this fight, there is no other option

and when you're, your old self you can take us all shoppin

(your credit card of course since mine is maxed out)

mucho love


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First, Shelly I love you, you are so funny and your upbeat personality keeps bouncing back which is so good for all of us.

David and Karen, it is okay to be in a blue funk. This is a lousy journey. But just know we are here for you both (and Faith of course) and are anxiously awaiting the old David to return when the chemo is over.


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((((((Dave)))))) Sorry you are in a funky place right now, and having a rough go with the chemo. Prayers are going out to lift your spirits. We are all in this boat together, and when you can't row, we can row for you, so you can rest, cuz we are family. Karen, you hang in there girl, and prayers to lift your spirits as well.

Peace and blessings


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Hey David,

so sorry you're in the doldrums right now....been there, done that my friend (as I'm sure most of us have been). It's no fun, but sometimes I think it's a necessary evil; gives us a chance to rest & regroup all our emotions that take a beating while dealing with this nasty disease.

Just don't let it last too long, hang in there and know we're all thinking of you and Karen.

In my thoughts,


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Hey Dave-

Noticed I have not seen anything from you in weeks, only Karen. I know it's bad! It hurts, it makes you feel in human, it pisses you off, no one understands, your not yourself, don't wanna get out bed, feels like there is no end in site, just want to beat someone to make them feel as bad as you! BUT, you have been the one that has pulled me through more crap in the little amount of time that we have known each other!

Even if we didn't talk about stuff, I remembered your positive attitude and smiling face when it came to this damn disease! You picked me up more then once without even knowing it! Now it's my turn! What can I do? Wanna get together and do something? Even if it's just watch TV together? I'm gonna go buy Van Helsing tomorrow, we could meet up later this week when your feeling better and watch a scarey movie! Or FRIENDS, I have to buy that for my daughter......let's have a FRIENDS marathon and laugh!

Let me help you through this like you have helped me!!!!!


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I have a feeling I am right there with you in "funky town"-- I hear all roads lead out of town. I am looking to get on one, but right now I seem to be on an off the beaten path kind of place, but I will let you know when the next bus leaves! You do the same for me, OK?

love and fortitude


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David and Karen,

I think of you two and that darling little Faith often. Its feels like hell when you get to funky town but we all get there at some point. I think its the nature of the disease. Dave, I believe you have a lot of spunk and will pull out of this as soon as your physically feel better...which I hope is very soon. We all miss you and you are in my prayers daily. That boinkitis is getting out of hand and will soon be back under control I hope.


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