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My Test Results????


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I went today and had my dreaded colonscopy done. Doctor removed 1 pollup (sp) and told me that my colon looked good. This depends on how the test comes back on the pollup, which I won't know for about a week. Doctor said he didn't see anything to worry about tho.

Now, as to the problem that led up to this test. As you know I was in hosp early part of Sept. with pneumonia and they discovered I was anemic. The doctor told me today that I needed to see my oncologist ASAP. Told him I had an appt for Nov 4 and he said that was too long. He said my blood was approx 2 pints low and if I waited till then it could be 3.

My blood has done that since I left hosp on Sept 13. No explaniation yet. Got onc appt moved up to Wed. Anyone else experiance this? I think MOSugar had to get blood often. Can't figure this out. I am not tired and feel good otherwise. Dr said something about he would suggest oncologist look at bone marrow. I know nothing about this situation except I don't like the sound of it. There are no signs of loosing blood so he thinks my body is not producing blood? Anyone heard of this? Thanks everybody.


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First of all, Bruce, it is good your colon looked good. This exact thing landed my mother in the hospital - four pints low, very anemic, had heart attack symptoms from it actually - and she DID have a nice big fat colon tumor.

I do believe MoSugar had that problem all the time, too, can't remember if ever an answer was found, and I don't think that's what eventually got her (excess fluid, wasn't it?). Some people just get very low on blood from chemo and have to have a transfusion - Dave had one transfusion toward the end of his chemo last year.

But do make sure you see that oncologist right away, am curious to hear what he says.

God Bless,

Karen C.

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Bruce, I don't know what to tell you other than keep hanging in there and keep staying on top of things like you are.I have been having trouble as well and can't put a finger on it.I feel good all things considered but poop out a little too easy and everyone has a terrible time getting blood out of me.I just had CT scan last week and There is no change.(still stable)I'm not anemic??.On Coumadin but blood is still hard to get out of me??.They took a bunch of blood samples for diff. tests etc.& I'll find out later.I hope you find out what causes the loss of blood,& can remedy it.Please let me know how you make out.

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Dang, Buddy, You and I are feeling about the same level of fear today, I am thinkin'. Who wants to hear that kind of crap... gives me the willies how easily "we" get spooked, huh? Tell you what, you pray for me and I will pray for you and we will call it even...'kay? I am shudderin' over here. Why don't you look in your medicine cabinet and see if you have any leftover somethin' or 'nothers in there?

Good thing it's a Monday and not a Friday that you got that news...that's all I can say...

Hang in there...

Cindi o'h

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Thank you for the replies. Cindi you gave me my first laugh of the day. I got up at 3AM this morning to be at the doctors office by 5. Yes, they have checked for bleeding but there are no signs of any. I am looking at my blood report that was done on 9/17 and my HGB was 13.8. The normal according to the report is 14-17.5. My PCP was not worried about this small .1% below normal. The Gastronoligst told me today that it was way lower now. He said I was a little over 11.0 now. That is why I am worried. That was a month ago and should I not have noticed some blood somewhere to drop that much.

I am hoping I got a false report today somehow. I know I got a scare from it tho. I go see the onc doctor Wednesday and I make my "blood donation" as soon as I step in his lobby. Perhaps being an oncologist maybe he will see a reason for the drop. I was on iron pills but stopped them last Wed for this test.

Cindi, you got a deal. You keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine. This offer is for all the rest of you too. Oh well, if you don't keep me in your's, I will keep you in mine anyway. :):):):)

I pray for each of you daily. Anyway, I will let you know what onc says Wednesday. I bet I will hear the dreaded word MONDAY from him tho. Ever notice we seem to always get results on MONDAY. :lol::lol::lol:

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