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Hubby diagnosed 6/5/03

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I am so glad that I was led to this site. My husband, Gary, was diagnosed with NSCLC on 6/5/03. They say it has spread to his lymph nodes. He has had a brain scan that came out clean. He had a PET scan on Thursday, 6/19/03. Hopefully they will begin treatment soon. He is so depressed and in much pain. I know that his attitude is crucial. I also know that if I do not keep myself positive, that I will not be able to help him. Thanks for the site...I will check in frequently. Bonnie

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Hello Bonnie; welcome and glad you made it over here; I think I answered a post of yours over on ACS.

You will find wonderful people here, much knowledge and support and above all many SURVIVORS. :):) They removed my left lung over 2 years ago, stage IIB, NSCLC. Life is certainly not what it used to be but it is a wonderful life today that I cherish and appreciate in ways I never thought possible.

I'm so sorry Gary is depressed, but many emotions do go with a diagnoses. Let him know he's not alone. You may want to print out a few responses for him, cause your about to get many.

God bless, be well and again glad your here

Bobmc - NSCLC- stageIIB - left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

PS - the family pic was taken 8 weeks after surgery, hiking thru the rainforests of Costa Rica!! :shock::shock:

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Hi Bonnie,

Welcome aboard. My husband has nsclc Stage 4 and I can tell you that it only gets worse before it gets better. I never thought I would see the light of the day with him. He was so sick, lost 60 lbs., couldn't swallow food for a very long time because of the radiation. About 6 weeks ago he started coming out of it and we are now having some good days together. We are both retired and we take it one day at a time. We live for today for no one knows tomorrow for either him or me. We don't stress cancer nor talk about it much. He is still weak from all that he has been through but now eats better so I feel he is on the road to recovery.

It is hard to be strong everyday. There were days when I couldn't even talk to the drs during some of his treatments because of what he was going through and the pain he was in. He had no color in his face. Was very white and bony. It was really a terrible strain and you may or maynot witness this but remember, if you do, it will get better. Everyone goes through it differently so should you witness what I did remember there is light at the end of the tunnel so just hang in and pray.

I will put your husband and you in my prays. God Bless.

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Bonnie -

Welcome!! I sure am glad you found this site too!!! You will find support on here like you never imagined!! I'm sorry to hear your husband is feeling so down, but it is to be expected. Perhaps you could talk to your doctors about an antidepressant. They really help. Attitude is crucial, but if you keep in touch here there are many to help you through.

I will keep you both in my prayers and hopefully, with the start of treatments your husband will be on the road to feeling better!! God bless!!


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I want to thank you all for your warm support and welcoming arms. My husband and I had our 23rd anniversary the day after his dx. We are reeling still, and I am so ignorant about LC that I had to find out what all these terms meant. I have shown these responses to my dear husband. He is, hands down, the most stubborn man that I have ever known...I am hoping that this trait will come in handy. Again, thank you, I will grab a coffee and make myself at home here. Bonnie

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Hi Bonnie.

Get Stubborn Man to read through some of the stories in the "Inspiration" forum. If he's too stubborn to sit at the computer, then print the stories off for him and he can read them during his chemo treatments. They are all powerful stories; it makes no difference if the survival time is two years or twenty two years. These days, cancer is more survivable than ever before, and your husband NEEDS to read this for himself. He must see some hope for his future before your positive attitude will do any good. Much of his fight will be his attitude and how strong his will is to fight this d.a.m.n. disease. There are so many people on this board who are reporting significant reductions in tumor sizes, as well as remissions, due to new and more effective cancer treatments. If you can, please have your husband register so that we may collectively help him realize his strengths. Take care, and keep us posted.

David P.

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Guest pepperpike

Welcome Grammy. My prayers are with your husband. Please let us know what your concerns are as you navigate through this most difficult time in life.

Some good news. Cancer is a miserable disease, but can bring some of the best moments in life. I have received more love and attention in the last 6 months than in my whole life. It's a shame that life is this way, but it is. My family is kinder, folks at work are very concerned about me personally, the medical community has been magnificent in their concern and care and my friends have been there everyday calling, going to appointments, running errands etc. Each week miracles have occurred....some very minor miracles...but evidence to me that the Universal Energy is looking out for my best interest and all things will unfold in the manner they are suppossed to. Keep positive, watch and enjoy the love and care and look for the miracles.

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