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Hall pass, please.........


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I will accept the syringe hall pass, may help in the long run.

What I have is a lump, size of an egg (large) under my right

mandible and after 2 biopsies, the doctors still do not know

what it is, so it will come out. I think one chicken from this

board is responsible.

Next week is 2 cysts that I have on the eyelids are coming

out, they just started in September.

The date is perfect I won't need a mask for HALLOWEEN.

Thank you all for the prayers and good wishes.


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Just caught this thread...and please know I'm vibing you from New England...and hoping these procedures go smoothly and that all results are good news!!

We'll be awaiting an update from you afterwards....so please check in when you can to let us know how you're doing. (Glad to see your humor is intact, too :D )

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