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Good Check up


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Hello ALL , saw my onc. on Fri. it's all Gooooood!!!!

I was really sweating this one, my CEA blood marker has been rising over the last 6 mo. and for two months I've been having alot of pain in my left back/shoulder. So ya know, in my head it's doom & gloom. :?:?

Anyway; The scans are all good, the CEA marker has come down, got a 6 month scrip for Vioxx for the pain ( bone scan shows some arthritis) and don't have to see a doc. until Sept. :lol::lol: Good to be alive TODAY!

So I just booked a trip to Hilton Head, gotta get away from the rain in the northeast and the wife's happy were going to a resort instead of the jungles of Central America again. :):)

I did get a stern talking to about making sure I take real good care of my one good lung. Gotta watch that attitude of invincibility. Still getting over the years of smoking and take chances I should'nt.

God bless and be well

Bobmc - NSCLC- stage IIB - left pneumonectomy - 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today1"

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Hello to my North Jersey Buddy !!!!

Congrats on the good news. Enjoy your trip away from this grayness. I don't know about you, but this dampness is causing havoc on my lungs. It will be good for you and for all of us to do what is fun.

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Bob great news I know before check-ups every ache and pain---we are sure it is cancer

go enjoy Hilton Head---sure hope there is some sunshine there---as we have not had any here for weeks----what ever happened to global warming? It is so cold here today I may put the heat on!!

regards Eileen

nsclc lobectomy 6/00 stage 1A

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So glad you posted...I'd been thinking about you. SUPER DUPER on all the check ups and scans. And I know exactly what you mean about various aches and pains causing undue worry :!: , because that was the impetus behind my own recent flurry of checkups.

I have to agree with your wife about choosing the Hilton Head over the jungles of Central America! Don't forget the sunscreen and drink a toast to "the good life" for me and all the rest of us here at LCSC.

Go get 'em!

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Great for you Bob! And good for your wife!!

I always chuckle when I see your picture. When I first came on this board (all of about 6 weeks ago lol), you were one of the first to respond to my post. You told me that surgery would be okay and that your picture was taken 4 weeks after your surgery in the Peruvian rain forest (or somewhere equally exotic) on some rope drawbridge. I remember thinking "What the ???"...I don't do rope bridges or jungles with TWO lungs!!" LOL

Anyway, you are an inspiration!!!

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