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Good MRI/Scan Results


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Just wanted to thank all my cyberspace buddies for your well-wishes, good thoughts and prayers.

My brain MRI is clear!! Yes, I'm an official member of the Empty Headed Club and I love it!

The bone scan was clear also, except for a slight uptake in the sternal area which wasn't seen on the scan in April, and also didn't correlate to anything seen on my CT scan in September. I've been having intermittent sternal pain since (maybe before?) diagnosis, and the docs don't seem to think it's CA related. I'll be having another CT scan in December and a f/u bone scan in 6 months, so we'll see. At best, it could be something as innocuous as scarring from acid reflux....at worst, the early stages of a metastatic lesion. Just have to wait and see (dontcha just love that?)

Anyway, thanks again.....love you guys :)


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