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brain mets


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My heart goes out to you. My brain mets were treated with WBR. Side effects: fatigue & memory loss some dizziness. But worth it as they are now NED. Please call your daughter. I'm sure she would want to help & it would be best to not be alone. I will be praying for you and sending waves of positive energy. Please find comfort from knowing so many of us are praying for you. Keep us posted. Rachel

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Sorry to hear about your bad news Cat. Has your doctor started you on dexamethasone yet? That usually helps very rapidly. I think you have small cell? that generally responds very well to radiation, would be worth at least considering. Are you going to do treatment or haven't met with your doctor yet? I don't understand that, usually this kind of stuff should be taken care of right away...

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had MASK made today

primsry doc found lung cancer (but could noy bring himself to tell. he said mass

pulmonologist said nsc kung cancer

and brain met

made me get ct even though a week earlier pet showed no met to brain

5.4 c 5.2 mostly necrotic --does that mean dead brain tissue?

rx today for dec

he says start sunday

balance off

right parietal lobe

after wbr - 4 to 6 weeks later some stereotactic

said something about

once shrunk

look at other treatment

still debate small or large

4 paths 1 small, 1 ne large

1 dead tissue

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Dear Cat,

I've been offline for a while so am only now catching up with everything. I'm sorry your news isn't better but SO GLAD that you're being taken care of, that you've gotten in touch with your family, that a treatment plan is in effect.

try and keep that chin up -- hard as it is.


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hey Cat,

Just getting to know you, and sorry to see this. Okay, your other post was the spirit, is there anything I can do for your from Denmark? Are you from Holland? Do you crave any candy or anything from there? (I am closer) anyhow, hang in there, it is scarey I know, and we are here for you!!! HUGS and my buddist prayers are with you even if I can't pronouce them properly. :D


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