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Question about a procedure Bob is having tomorrow


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Bob is having a biopsy to his 4rth lumbar vertebrae tomorrow morning and the doc who is doing it called and said he will also be doing something called vertebroplasty. It sounds like this is something to strengthen the area. Has anyone had any experience with this procedure. Bob would also like to know if it is a common thing to do at this time.




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Not much to add to John's link. It can work great to relieve pain from compression fractures that are not healing. Use in metastatic lesions is a little controversial but we do it sometimes. Downsides are the leaking cement, I have one patient who had vertebroplasty with extrusion of cement and her pain has been much worse ever since but that's the only time I've seen that happen.

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Thanks for the link John, printed the whole article for Bob to read last night. He is at the hospital right now, so I don't know how he is doing yet, and thanks for the prayers, Peggy, and the response, Dr. Joe. It makes me a bit nervous waiting to see how this does for him. Sure am hoping and praying that his pain can be lessened somehow.

I will update everyone soon as we hear from him.

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