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Woke up three times during procedure, one time I tried to grab the Doc and tell him NO that it hurt!

Can only talk at a whisper. Found two ulcers and stretched my esophagus 45%, couldn't do 100%, didn't think it would stay.

Am amazed at the amount of pain after procedure.

Guess it's good and bad, found stuff but not something that could be fixed "right now", have to heal! Ick!

Not talking to anyone at home, just because I feel like being a pain in the *ss! :x:twisted:

Also have a sick 7yr old, running fever of 102 and vomiting, ick! Staying away from him! Make his father run him notes I have written to him.

Thanks Guys!

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You can be the Honorary Hemorrhoid for a week if you want to be! Sure hope you have some pills you can swallow for the pain and a good moan to keep 'em out of your room! :wink:

Cuddle-duds, Oprah and a big chocolate milkshake....mmmmMMMMmmm

Take care!


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WHOA! Beth! Slow down a little! You have way too many issues to deal with. You get one all settled down and here comes another one. I don't know how you do it.

You are a very strong woman! and I admire you greatly. Even with all you have going on, you still take the time to come here and let us know how you're doing. It really means a lot for you to do that, because we all really do want to know how everybody's doing. Thank you for letting us know.

You go ahead and be a pain in the you-know-what. You are entitled to that. Just rest up this weekend, have your hubby go buy you some really good mushy movies and take it easy. One of Becky's big chocolote milk shakes sounds good, too. I can't remember if you're a member of the Getting Smaller Club - if so, just use low fat ice cream and 2% milk. LOL!!



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