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Had the endoscopy! Guess who woke up three times?! ME!!!! Go figure, I remember seeing one of the instruments and I remember reaching for the Dr thinking "stop, it hurts" and I remember gagging. If there is ever a next time they have to promise that I will not wake up!

I slept most of the day with my Husband laying beside me, apparently I asked for ice cream 3 times and he fed it to me while I lay down and snoozed between bites.

Found two ulcers (from radiation) and my esophagus was obstructed (from radiation). I guess this was good news, BUT now I have to wait. It will just take time to heal. The Doc did stretch my esophagus 45%, he didn't want to do 100% because he didn't think it would hold.

So I guess it's good and bad, kinda wish he found something so he could fix it and make the pain go away. But, it's also nice to know there is notheing seriously wrong. He also checked for leaks in my stomach and esophagus. Barium is interesting although the barium tasted better then the liquid tylenol I had in the hospital!

Thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayers, back to the pain pills! :shock:

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