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Dad is REALLY short of breath


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I am beside myself. Dad was just to the onc. on Thurs, he has had shortness of breath and a nasty cough-but his lungs sound clear. I don't understand it. He brushed his teeth this morning and was so winded from it he napped for an hour and a half. I asked mom if they checked his blood oxygen level, she's pretty sure they did and that it was normal.

His apetite is a bit better, but his spirits are LOW, so low. He sits and stares into space, he thinks that this is it, the end. He feels frustrated and is fed up with living such a 'poor' quality of life. He refuses to go to the hospital.

On top of that, Mom had chemo thursday and is in ALOT of pain.

Just don't know what to do. I feel lost and frustrated. Just needed to vent. Take care, guys. Deb

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I didn't know both of your parents had cancer. I feel so ashamed for feeling sorry for myself about having my mom alone have cancer.

My mom right now sounds like your dad. She cant get rid of this cough that started up again after her last chemo 12 days ago. Chest x-ray revealed nothing unusual. She is very very down and said wednesday she didn't want any more treatment because of how it made her feel. a CBC on Friday revealed athough her counts did drop some, she was still within range and did not need a transfusion or procrit again.

I am in the boat with you about not knowing what to do. She has a MRI on 7/7 to see if brain mets are going away or not from the full hear RAD. maybe then she will have her spirits lifted.

My mom eats very little so I am sure she is very very weak, maybe thats whats got them so run down????

oh, my mom did develop bronchitis from compromised immune system due to chemo, maybe your dad is developing a slight case of that.

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I know how difficult it is to see a loved one cope with this horrible disease. I would suggest that if he continues to have sortness of breath you take him back to his Oncologist. You and your father have been an inspiration to me. Both of you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Keeping the Faith,


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Ohh Deb, so sorry your Mom and Dad are going through this,

I'll be praying real hard for the both of them.

God bless, stay well and hang in there

Bobmc - NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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Thank you ALL for your support. Shellie, NEVER FEEL GUILTY for being sad that your mother has cancer...there is NO ONE on this board that deserves more or less empathy or understanding than anyone else...Ultimatly we are ALL in the same boat. We are worried about and care about someone very dear to us that is fighting a tough battle. (or may just be in the battle ourselves...my point is there is NO GUILT. OK? OK. Thank you for your advice regarding the shortness of breath, I will ask the doctor about the bronchitis. THe weird thing is, his lungs sound clear.

Don, Mary and BobMC thank you all for your kind words. Just so you guys know, from what my moms surgeons can see, it seems that in surgery they "got it all" (ovarian). I just don't want everyone to worry about it, shes doing pretty well, really. The most difficult things are that SHE is worried about my dad, and the chemo causes her GREAT PAIN in her joints (which are already comprimised by rheumatoid arthritis) and she has Fibromialga. But, again, the TRULY BRIGHT side is, the chemo is 'preventative', six rounds total 4 down, 2 to go!!! :D

Katie, as usual, you hit the nail right on the head. Since my moms hospitalization in April, it seems to have taken a HUGE TOLL on my dads health, and fighting his cancer. He says he's not worried, but give me a break. Thank you for your prayers. Take care, everyone, Deb

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Hi Deb,

I am not sure if your dad had radiation or not, my dad developed radiation pneumonitis and it did start with s-o-b. He does also have a cough. My dad had a cat scan to determine if he had it. actually he had a chest x-ray and cat scan at the same time, I cant remember which determined it. I can find out if you want...There are a few on the boards who have it or had it. It is treatable.

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