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Todays Visit With Oncologist


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Just wanted to update everyone on my appointment today. After giving him the rundown on where I have been for the last month, he laughed and ask me if I was sure I had went nowhere else to visit. In the last month I have had blood work and x-rays at 2 hospitals and 4 doctors office. Anyway he called and got fax reports on my records. He compared blood work etc. My x-rays continue to look good. As far as the blood problem goes, he said he saw no need for bone marrow test. Altho NSCLC can go to the bones he said he didn't feel like that was my case. Sure was glad to hear that. Told him that the stomach doctor said my blood was 2 pints low and he said he couldn't see that either. He said that he was more concerned that I had pneumonia and how I could have gotten it that the blood issue.

Now what really put my mind at ease was that he told me that he wasn't going to loose any sleep over it and hoped I didn't either.

Here is the plan. He ordered the nurses to suck some more blood from me. He sent me home with a urinal to use (told him I would take 2 in case 1 got full). I save all urine for 24 hours and return it and YES another blood draw. I am to return to him in 2 weeks to make another donation of blood. Hopefully my iron will raise. His dx was "Poor Utilization of Iron."

Anyway I sure feel better tonight.

Thanks for all the PM's and well-wishes.

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Am glad to hear things are looking up for you.

How wierd about the blood thing...You might want to try hanging a few crucifexes around in case there is a vampire lurking. Have you checked your neck for any puncture wounds?

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That sounds really great. Good to get another viewpoint, huh.

I'm packing up my GE steam iron to send to you. It's no wonder you are low on iron -- I've not known many men who could iron worth a darn! :P

If it's vampires worrying you, never fear -- I have all 7 seasons of Buffy, and will see what I can do to find you a personal vampire slayer. I think Sarah Michelle Gellar has moved on now, but at the end of the Buffy series, there were slayers running around all over the place.

Don't thank us in advance -- we strive only to help, yanno!! :)


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Great news Bruce----what a relief for you---but you should really learn how to utilize the iron---since Di is sending an ion, I will send you my wrinkled laundry



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Congratulations Bruce!!!!

I just have to say that you guys crack me up!! :lol::lol::lol: I now know why my mom lasted for the time she did, God wanted me to find all of you! You have helped me so much through these past months. Your strength, faith, and sense of humor, is out of this world! I love you guys!!! :D:D:lol::lol: I come here everyday, it's my comfort zone now, and if I can EVER do anything for you all (within reason-sorry not rich! :D ) just let me know. God knows you all have been my rock!

Thanks again, and WAY TO GO BRUCE!!!!!! :D:D:D

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