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Has anyone ever missed a chemo treatment?


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This is round 5 for me. I got in day 1 carbo and vp and day 2 VP, but they cancelled my day 3 because I have a chest infection (Put on Levaquin). They seem like its not a big deal as I got 2 doses of VP in this week.

Has anyone ever missed a chemo?

Also has anyone ever done 5 rounds of carbo/vp instead of 6? My Doc is having me scanned in a few weeks and if all clear said I will not need # 6.



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Lots of people miss chemo because of low blood counts--I had some postponed and had to stray from my original schedule. This bothered NO ONE at oncology and they said it happens all the time--which is why they check your blood before every treatment.

In my case, I had Cisplatin/Gemzar on week 1 and then gemzar week2 and week 3, a week off, and then start over again. I could not handle the 3rd week gemzar, so that became my week off and I ended up with getting two extra gemzar treatments at the end. Got what we originally planned, just not in the order planned. No one was terribly excited about it. I wouldn't let it worry me too much if I were you.


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Hi Jen,

You're doing well! If my memory serves me well :roll: On my last (4th) round of chemo Cisplatin/Etopocid i had to postpone for a week because i developed a fever. So they kept me in the hospital for four days and then i went back the following Monday for the treatment. No one seemed too concerned. Glad to see you're well on your way to completing treatments! keep up the good work! You might give this question to oncodoc just for his opinion.


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I missed a week of chemo also. I had a horrible bout with a flu virus....or an ugly reaction to the chemo. Either way....I only stayed out of the hospital by stupidly refusing to go the dr's office or to the er when the fevers hit me bigtime. Stay connected to your onco at all times....I learned my lesson for sure. Another thing.....my doc told me missing a chemo tx can't be made up at the end.....so I was 1 wk short of a full schedule.

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Hi Jen:

My mother has missed her second treatment and is on route to the hospital as we speak, (type), to get her blood count checked to see if she can have her chemo tomorrow. This is going on 2 weeks now and while I am worried sick, her Onc. is not and neither is her GP. They just said that it happens for all different reasons and not to worry about it . Her Onc's nurse told us that it is better to delay treatment than to take the chance of it doing more damage than good while her counts are down. She also said that even though she does have Small Cell which typically is agressive, the first cycle has done wonders and they do not forsee a relapse at this point.

Take care Jen, and try not to worry too much, I know that is easier to say than do.

Love and Prayers,


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  • 15 years later...

Wondering what the outcome was for the above patients as these were posted 10+ years ago....my mom has extensive SCLC and has completed 2 of the 4 rounds of chemo. Scans show the tumours have shrunk and mom really rallied after the first treatment, even not needing oxygen for several days. But Dr cancelled her 3rd treatment scheduled for today as she is now not feeling well, back on Oxygen and very fatigued. Blood counts are fine, Dr just said to skip this one and build up her strength for next week. Anyone had this happen? Cancer has not spread, so I dont understand what's going on...

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I've missed scheduled infusion treatments several times during my first, second and third line treatments. On all three occasions, the missed treatment was added on to the end of the cycle schedule. My doc didn't think it was a big deal and told me that Taxol and Carboplatin residual effectivity continued for a length of time to make missing an infusion no big deal.

I think building up strength is a good reason for missing a treatment. In all three of my misses, I was too ill from a chest cold on one occasion and recovering from surgery two others.

Stay the course.


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  • 4 months later...

Yes I missed my 6th and final chemo treatments. I had 3 delayed because of low blood counts . My oncologist assured me that I wasn't being short changed. He said that the toll it was taking on my body was not worth the benefits another 3 day round would give me .My small cell lung cancer was basically gone although it can come back or reoccur .

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