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My mom called me!!!


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Last night, I called my parents' house. No one answered the phone.

A bit later I was on the phone with a friend of mine, and I got a call from my parents' home. (Caller ID is wonderful!)

So, I just assumed it was my dad becuase he usually will call me back. But to my surprise it was my mom!!! We had a really 'normal' (non-cancer) conversation.

Funny thing is, I was doing some online research trying to find out about how age alters people's memories. Well, I was getting frustrated and telling her about it, how I really didn't want to write this paper. She proceeds to chastise me. Ha-Ha! Never in my life have I enjoyed getting put in my place by my mother like last night! So, after that, she asks me what I'm looking up. I say, memories and cognitive whatever, brain and aging, etc. She says, why don't you just type in memory and old people? I did and I got a ton of info! I told her it was grad school and academia that makes people lose brain function, not tumors.

Just wanted to share that. It was just a tiny moment back into how she used to be. :)


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