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Joke for okdebi

Mr Ry

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http://www.dblrsupply.com/index-livechi ... hicks.html

Double-R Poultry Chicks

All chicks are shipped via Air Parcel Post wherever available.


You may order as few as 5 of any species or sex run to make up this order but the TOTAL MUST equal 25 or more.

Volume discounts (25, 50, 100) apply to same breed (or st. run) and sex only. Combination orders of different breeds totaling 25 or more are priced at single bird prices.

Boxing: A full box contains 100 chicks.

Add $2.00 service charge for EACH VARIETY or sex of less than 25 chicks.

Add $7.00 handling charge for orders of less than 1 FULL box.

During the months of March, April & May, hatches are twice weekly with most orders being shipped on either Wednesday or Thursday. Our hatcheries hatch 52 weeks each year and shipments will be made on Mondays during the remainder of the year.

Full Size

Select from 47 breeds!


Select from over 50 breeds and colors!

Very Rare Breeds

Choose from 14 hard to find breeds

Specific Breed Crested

Choose from 6 unique breeds

Broilers & Rocks Cornish Rocks, Black Broilers & Red Broilers

Assortments Choose from our wide variety of assortments: Rare Breeds, Japs, Cochins, Cornish, Brahmas, Old English, Sebrights, Clean Leg, Feathered Leg, Silkies, Light Chicks, Heavy Chicks!

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Thank you Becky!!

And Ry, I can't believe that you just throw Bruce under the bus like that. See how you are?? :twisted: And besides, I can't have Bruce go driving to the post office to pick up chickens, he's like a quart low or something.....I can't even trust him to find the damn post office..if it is not near DollyWorld chances are he won't find it.

These are LIVE chickens we are talking Ry, LIVE. I can't entrust them to just anyone...... 8):twisted::D

Oh, I have a new joke John: :P

Q: Why did the chickens cross the road?

A: To get to Ry and John's house.

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I didn't mean to send Bruce the chickens...I just meant he needed to be included in the Butthead club or whatever you want to call a group of 4 --not the 3 Stooges, the 4 Stooges??

Think of the poor chickens...it's duck hunting season here..these nuts will get bored and blamo the chickens. Tell me you lost my address somewhere........... :lol:

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Hold on!!! Wait a minute!!!! Debi, don't spend your money. I have chickens for you. I have about 150 chickens. Yes, they are alive. (remember, I live on a farm) Considering the cause, I would be willing to donate some chickens. You get me the addresses, I'll ship 'em out. Do you want all four of the stooges to receive chickens? That would be John, Bruce, Frank and Curtis, right? O.K.......you let me know and those birds are your, Debi.


P.S. I have never shipped live chickens accross the U.S. Would it be o.k. if they die during transit? How 'bout some "used to be live" chickens?

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Oh gee RY, I thought you were trying to throw me off track with the chickens. Actually, I didn't include One Quart Low :shock: because he is in a league all by himself, but we can make him the 4th Stooge, by all means.


Angie, thanks for the chicken shipping offer, how generous of you, I am so glad that you are back, with or without the chickens!!!

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Ok I have not been avoiding this thread but my computer has been awful slow. Debi, if you send chickens my way so help me, you will NEVER get that indoor toilet. I know enough people in OK to make sure they bypass your house when they run the water lines.

Now if you want to send fried chicken, I'll see if I can find a nice cool spot in Dollywood to sit down and have a picnic. Not sure but I think there is a Dollywood, TN post office. I'll mention it to Dolly and if not perhaps she can open one. :wink::wink::wink:

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