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cindi o'h

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On Sept. 2, I had a CTangiogram with a CT overlay at the cardiologist office. I had been having "chest pressure" for a couple of months. Increased shortness in breath was also a symptom. I checked with the oncologist...nothing; I checked with the pulmonlologist....nothing; then I checked with the cardiologist and he said that my last stent had re-stenosed and set me up in the cardiac cath lab.

Got that done. I could breathe a little easier, but continued to have strange symptoms. When I leaned forward to pick something off the floor, I coughed...everytime.

Then on the 20th of Sept.the internist called and said, "oh, I found this report...you have some changes in your lungs...it looks like pleural effusions and a cardiac effusion and some lymphadenopathy of the hilar nodes and some raggedy edges in the lining of your pleural wall..."

I can spot Ativan-time now without being told.....

I got set up with the oncologist. He compared the CT's and wanted me to have a diagnostic thoracoscopy...you know...snips for the pathologist?

The surgeon didn't want to do it because it was too soon after my stent replacement and he didn't want to take me off the blood thinner. He was afraid of uncontrolled bleeding. They wouldn't even do a thoracentesis.

So, my ocologist was mad. I mean mad. We decided to set up for this follow up CT for the 18th. I have been on pins and needles pretty much this whole time and have done as well as a person can who has a potential ticking time bomb in her chest...

Yesterday, my oncology app't finally arrived. All I can say is, Praise God. And thank everyone for mentioning my name to Him. The CT scans showed slight improvement in the effusions. To my oncologist, that said that the etiology was continued radiation changes!

I told that Doctor, "Well, you get over here and give me a big ole hug!"

Because of the arthritis in my knees, I was slow to get up. He scooped me out of my chair and gave me what I asked for. I also got a nice hug from the nurse practioner. They told me not to think about cancer at all until next January when my next CT is scheduled.

I am a happy girl today. On top of the world. This was HUGE for me. Now I can concentrate on the rest of my REAL problems....


Cindi o'h

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