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A little better news for Paddy and David

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I just wanted to pass this along before I took off for my son's field trip.

My friend, Nancy, called me to let me know that she had spent 2 or 3 hours with my mom and dad last night at the hospital. She was there when Dad's GP came in.

There was a large amount of fluid that was drawn off the lungs but some still remained as going any further at that time would have caused more serious problems. So today they are going to try and get the rest and also infuse something in to prevent the fluid build up. Not sure of the name or anything but I did hear this mentioned much earlier on in Dad's diagnosis.

Nancy told me that Dad was pretty "chipper" and talking even with an oxygen mask on. He even said something to the effect ... I thought I was a gonner this morning but I am glad that I am not...... so that shows that his humor is working. Also Dad's GP has stepped up to the plate before to get things taken care of (the last time was for the 3rd thorocentisis) and he is not afraid to make sure Dad gets what he needs and pronto. He is addressing Dad's blood sugar level (being too high) as well. I guess insulin was given and they may need to give more but at the same time Dad's appetite has been almost non existant so he is addressing that too. When dad mentioned that when he does feel the desire to eat it is not always the best stuff for his sugar, Dr. Barron said not to worryabout that and to eat what he wants. They will take care of it.

So my heart feels a little calmer. Having and angel friend (actually I have two who are working over time for me) to be a surrogate daughter right now is a blessing.

I hope to speak to Mom and Dad tonight if I can get a phone number for Dad's room. Will pass along all your best wishes and also update you too.

Prayers for you all.

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Things are relatively stable today. Dad had the chest tube inserted yesterday and today they have a pump going. I am not sure how long they intend to use the pump. Thurday night the first thorocentisis was done which drew off 4 liters still leaving 1 or 2 more and when the respitory therapist saw him the following morning Dad's lung was full again. Aside from some discomfort due to the chest tube, he is said to be more comfortable. No word on when he will come home. I will post again when I hear another up date. Mom is hanging in there like a trooper.

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I spoke to Mom and Dad yesterday. When I first called the doctor standing in for Dad's doctor was there chatting and making sure things were going well.

It seems that the pump draining the fluid is catching air and this is a concern. The tube and seal have been checked to see if it is a mechanical problem but from what I understand it could be something going on in the lung. The one procedure that they are waiting to do is to put a "talc" substance into the lung (plural space?) and that is supposed to help with the fluid build up problem. I haven't heard how it is supposed to do this and the word talc used where there is lung cancer is kind of ironic sounding to me (not sure if ironic is the word).

Dr. Joe, I have no idea if I have made any sense here or if I have got it totally wrong ... this is just what I understand at this point.

Anyway, that procedure has been postponed until they figure out this problem.

I don't know when Dad is supposed to get out of the hospital. Thursday was the earliest anyone was saying and now they are just saying they don't know. Dad's GP is out of town for a couple days and I think he wants to assess things when he gets back.

The other interesting thing is that Dad's oncologist saw him last Thursday (at the GP's urging) when things looked really bad but has not been into see him since. Even the GP asked if he had been in to see Dad. I am not sure what is up with that. I know there is communication between the two doctors but I don't know who is technically handling the case. Dad is still taking the Iressa so he is still under treatment. Hmmmmm?

Well, I hope you are not as confused reading this as I appear writing it. Dad sounds pretty good considering ... just bored out of his mind. He is is eating better so that is a good thing. Mom is hanging in there and feeling your prayers and possitive thoughts.

Thanks again.

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