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I know I haven't posted in awhile but I thought I'd update everyone on whats happening.

Just finished 36 IMRT treatments to the right neck, right parotid region and right tonsil surgical bed. 180 gy.

Lost 20lbs, major burn to right neck, lost half the hair on my right side and have a patchwork beard. Have major problem with very thick mucous and dry mouth. Trouble swallowing anything solid, in fact I'm mainly living on boost and protien shakes.

Dispite all that, I feel I came out of it OK and now should recover within a few months. Probably won't get a CT/pet scan for a couple of months. I am believing that the beast was finished this time.

I also understand that many of you are fighting a more difficult battle than mine. My prayers and hopes for good things for you. I only post as an update as to whats happening with me and not comparing with anyone else. I know my case is a bit different than most everyone here. I post here because they still say I have unknown primary which they are convinced is in the lungs.

Its been hard for me to come here as before because of all those we have lost. Sometimes I need to forget about the beast and try to live a normal life. But I know that normal now is not the normal I once knew. This thing destroys more than just the physical, I pray for all of us.

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Glad to see you back brm.

Sounds like you've had quite a go of it lately, with your fair share of side effects. It's time to kick back take your mind off all this stuff - recouperate doing things you enjoy. Hey, have you tried a little photography, or how about playing the guitar? Take care, and thanks for the update.

David P.

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Boy you sure have been through it...

Hope you heal up well and soon.

As the resident hygienist, it would make sense that your parotid gland and others...have been affected by the rad.

I know how uncomfortable that is. I have Sjogren's Syndrome so I personally can empathize with you.

What helps me, and one product that is recommended by the dental community for help with xerostomia, is Biotene products. They make a wonderful chewing gum that helps to stimulate the other glands to work while providing a soothing mouth lubrication of it's own. They also have an artifical saliva substitute that helps with lubrication. Also, they make an alcohol free mouth rinse, and a toothpaste that is tolerated well for people in our situations. A sensodyne toothbush is really nice...they have an extra soft version that is easily tolerated. If your pharmacy doesn't carry these products, a good pharmacy will order them for you..

This just seems like a little way that I can help. I bought all of the products and my favorites are the gum and for nighttime waking with a completely dry mouth, the artificial saliva puts me back to sleep.

Cindi o'h

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Hey you!

Glad to see you back. I like your attitude. I hope you can work up to something better than Boost soon! Maybe a magic marker would fill in the spaces in your beard. Take care and come back to chat on Tuesday, we'll slap you around a little and you'll forget all about cancer. :P


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Hi Bruce

Glad you are done with treatment. I hope that it has done its job and you won't have to travel that path again.

Thanks for keeping us updated - and never feel that what you are going through is any less important than what others here are going through - all cancer sucks!!



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I am so happy to see your post. I have wondered if you were ok and how the treatments were coming along. It sounds like you have been through a rough time. I hope the healing begins soon and that before you know it you can eat your favorite soft food again and gain back some of that weight. Good to see you Bruce. Keeping you in my prayers.


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Bravo Bruce....you've come through some major tx's and still managed to stop in and post an update. I wish I had that kind of strength. Each time I'm down I seem to have a harder time jumping back up. I agree with what you wrote about... "forgetting the beast sometimes" and living normally. Isn't it a great time when we slip up and totally forget we have cancer??? If but for a few brief moments we can turn back the clock...even if it's just inside our heads...it can be a happy-go-lucky, free, fun time!!! I'm sending good luck your way... so catch some of the vibes and take a tx-free vacation...

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