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feeling overwhelmed


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hi everyone,

i'm at home with my mom (and dad). so many people have come by to pray with my mom, and now that they are gone, i feel such a nervous energy. i feel like i am supposed to be doing something but i don't know what, so i'm throwing all of of my anxiety at you guys (sorry :oops:). it's just so hard because people are telling me to do this and that for my mom and me, and i'm just feeling overwhelmed right now. :cry: i talk to my mom and pray as she sleeps, but i know that she needs her moments alone (all these people could only make her feel overwhelmed at times too), so i leave the room for a while. but then i don't know what to do with myself. :cry: she can't really talk, and she is so weak right now. i'm still holding onto my faith like it's the last string that is holding me up right now. i feel like i could run a marathon right now (but i know that i would collapse in the first quarter mile...i'm not like david p.!). thanks for listening...i'll probably be browsing for a while, but i don't think i can really focus on posting (so sorry in advance :cry:).

God bless,


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I feel like I know where you're coming from in your post. I react the same way when many people are around, some giving their advice.

But then a new day dawns and I am able to get myself together. Hopefully this new day will be a calmer one for you. Don't forget to take some time off for yourself (even a short break) - I notice that when I do I come back as a new and refreshed caretaker.

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