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Question on SSD????


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No I have not and I don't know anyone who has. Are you disabled? I think you would need to be to collect.

I think as a widow, you can collect on your husband's regular social security at 60. Go to ssa.gov to check. I am going to collect on my husband's when I am 62. Of course, I will never admit to 62, lol.

How are you doing? How is your brother?


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Thank you Ginny I went to the social security office yesterday to apply for that $255.00 that you are suppose to get and they had me fill out paper work for the SSD on my husband he said it may take 3 to 6 months before I hear anything on it. He took all the info from when my husband was DX to the end which was nine months. I am doing ok I take one day at a time and some are good and some are bad where I cry all the time. My brother was real sick with broncitis, he has finished chemo and radiation and they are going to rescan in 2 weeks to see if there is enough shrinkage to do surgery, I am praying real hard that they can do surgery and that they get it all, I cant lose him, We just buried my Aunt Janet Monday she had esphaguse cancer and we lost her husband in Feb. to prostrate cancer and then in August my sister lost her husband to a massive heart attack so I have had enough death in my family. How are you doing???

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