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Sometimes they come back...


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Dang it, girl, I'm loading up the beer truck and picking up RY on my way to Okla-ho-hum! We are pitchin' the ol' tent and staging a "Come to Jesus" meeting for all those cancer goblins! Can you see RY in a deep purple robe waving her Funk and Wagnall's around (no desecration here, no holy book) and chasing out those demons?? Fire in her eyes, spewing Snowflakisms at 100wpm?? (Hey, I'm driving the truck, I don't have to speak!)

I have heard that sending chickens in the mail is a very respected therapy for those experiencing cancer goblins (geez, girl, goblins can be anywhere, I just have monsters under the bed and in my closet!). I think that the more "giftees" you send them chickens to, the better the therapy works!

Yep, we all have the monsters now...forever. Thing is, those monsters were always there, we just didn't have a name for them! I'm sure that prior to this cancer thing you had fleeting thoughts about what would happen to your family were something to happen to you...I'm younger than you and I had them... These monsters that are now named have a larger power than they used to have, they are now "familiar" and feel welcome, rather than the passing strangers they once were. Worth losing sleep over? Not really, but we all do...

You ain't crazy girl, we're all going through this, all of us on this side. I'm sure the fear is different for those on the other side of the fence and the monsters not exactly the same - the fears are different. We on this side though, we know the monsters, we have SEEN the monsters...and they're big, and they're scary...and they never completely go away. We just need to get bigger poles to stuff 'em back in their holes!

Take care,



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At night when you are trying to sleep, try a little imagery to bannish the goblins.....

You're sitting in a rocker on the back porch.....looking out over the yard when suddenly Chartreuse Goblins begin to emerge from the ground like giant Cicadas after a 17 year sleep. The noise is deafening...so loud you can't hear your own screams....when suddenly, from out of no where, a flock of chickens (Giant Whites) descends upon the yard and the goblins become...well....lunch. And-after a short period of digestion-the Chicken S#$t they deserve to be.

I hope tonight you have sweet dreams.

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somewhere i read an artcle about cancer survivors depresion and anxietie

i dont think they have done enough studies of the survivors and what they go thru

sure we know we are not crazy and it is true anxiety but it seams the docs sort of know how we feel but dont really

i hear get on with your life often i have goten on with my life but it now includes anxiety when i have a new ache or pain, feel tiered, or have a test scheduled. all of us know we beat our minds up when its test time.

how to get over it? you dont. guess you just gotta deal with it when the feelings come on. drugs--- wont take them---i feel its a crutch . better to find a way to deal with it than sedate it. just might need more & more sedation as time goes on

just my 2 cents

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I think that as more and more people become long term survivors of cancer (not just lung, but all cancers) more emphasis will be placed on learning how to cope with the depression and anxiety that results from the fears we have. The fears are real and valid... I don't have a problem with using medication to get me through the really rough spots, but since the medications can be problematic for me (liver has trouble metabolizing drugs due to Polycystic Liver Disease) I try to find other ways of coping. If I can reduce the fear to something laughable I do that. It doesn't always work, but it does work more times than not...at least for me.

When Debi referred to her fears as Goblins the first thing that came to my mind was a bright green goblin with big red bug eyes like cicadas. Given Debi's penchant for using Poultry as weapons it didn't take much to imagine that she would sick the Chicks on those Goblins. :wink:

I still believe that laughter is the best medicine.

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Oh Fay, don't egg her on! Debi's one great chick, I'm sure she can figure out how to nestle down and beat off the goblins...if not, she'll wing it!

My, that was BAD!

LOL - as for laughter being the best medicine, isn't it really the ONLY medicine?? Ain't too hard to swallow, comes in all sizes and works best when shared!


(Editted to fix a grammatical error or two...oops!)

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I'm gone for TWO days...count em... TWO days and you have all just taken this post and started clucking around with it.... :wink:

Seriously, I just got in from spending 2 days with my sister and am feeling alot better, not quite myself yet, but close. I am amazed at all the responses that are here and how so many people understand my fears and live through them also. I wish I could answer everyone because as always, you have all touched me, in ways that each and every one of you always do.

As much as sometimes it is hard to be on this board, the comfort and support of it somehow outweighs the pain. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being there and taking the time to post...

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