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I am back too! (You guys had a long enuff break ;-)

Gina D.

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Hello to all!

I am so happy to see so many familiar names here, if that makes any sense!

I am also equally as saddened to see the loss of a few. David A. I am crying. One of the reasons I have not checked in is I can't bear to see those things. But, I know it's all part of life.

I have been "away", but not really away, just taking a break from all this C worry and stuff. I am still NED after 1 and 1/2 years, and have been busy all summer with my new hobby.. I bought a little travel trailer and have been spending 90% of my weekends on the road. Why wait to retire to hit the road???

In May I lost my favorite dog to Cancer. It came sudden (Lymphoma) and I still have not recovered. He was my joy. And it threw me hard. This was supposed to happen to ME, not them. I guess I act like any parent, no matter how many legs the child has.

I debated over whether to get another dog, a companion for my female. I thought "What if something happens to me? Is it fair to displace an animal like that?" Then I thought "What if I don't adopt one? Will it have ANY future?" So, I did and now I have a new "boy" that is wonderful.

I have gain a lot of wieght, I am up to a whopping 110 lbs and the Docs are now yelling at me to "cut that out". Enuff! (Cholestoral) Well, this tells me we all have OTHER health things to worry about too. They are a little easier to deal with now tho :wink:

Please post a note here and give me a brief bit of how you all are doing! I have been reading the posts, but it would be great to get a new look at what the "haps" are from your own mouths!

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Hi, Gail. Welcome back. This is Curtis, beckyg's husband. I didn't post much while Becky was alive because I wanted her to have a place to vent, and vent about me if need be. As you can tell from my signature, Becky died in March. Katie and I are hanging in better than I would have expected. It is hard, of course, but we have may more blessings in our lives than tragedies.


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It's great to see you back! I am also thrilled that you're doing so well. I too am doing fine--16 months from surgery and finished up adjuvant chemo almost a year ago.

Weight gain???? Sister, you ain't seen nothing about that till you've seen me. Between taking tamoxifen for 3.5 years (I switched to another drug last month, and things are better now)--being a 49 year old female, quitting smoking, and recovering from two surgeries and treatments in two years, I have added 25 pounds! But, while I am trying to lose it, and things are going really slow, I feel fantastic, walk a couple of miles a day, and work full time. So, there's a lot for me to be thankful for.

But, about that cholesterol issue--I visited an integrative medical clinic last summer and the dietitian there said, "Hey, you know, heart disease is still the number one killer of women, and you're coming right up on that age that it starts to be a concern, so you have to start working at preventing that." I'm like, well, thanks a lot for that big boost of confidence. He is right though, and I'm trying to do everything I can to stay healthy.

Anyway, don't stay away so long this time--sure is good to see you. Go to the early stage board and visit with us there once in a while, ok?


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Hi Curtis. Beckys loss is one of the saddenings I mentioned above. She was a good woman. I am happy to hear you and Katie are getting on better. A positive attitude is what you both need now, and it looks like you have plenty of that.

Cindy.. 110 doesn't sound like much, but's it's a 10% increase in my average adult weight! I have always been small. Too bad the weight isn't going to useful places :oops: MOST of my family that have passed passed of heart attacks due to cholestoral problems. I need to be careful. (My Dad wasn't much bigger than me)

Hi Katie! NED hasn't asked to marry me *yet*, but I am hopeful!

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Gina, Gina, Gina.

It IS good to see you back!! Great to also see you're still clear, but we're expecting nothing less from you. Towing a trailer on weekends is a good way to keep busy, and it sounds like fun. But you can only go so far one way, if you have to be back Sunday night. If you get away for any lenghtier period of time, come up to Victoria for a visit. As for me...

I'm just starting back to work tomorrow after two weeks off -- fell off a ladder two weeks ago -- broke a rib, punctured the old lung...which partially collapsed, added an anterior dislocated clavical, and popped two ribs from my sternum. (that's why I'm on the tricycle) It hurts to do anything... sneezed today :shock: - won't do that again. Anyway, I'm still cheerleading here on the old message board. And I just found out that our local cancer clinic is starting an LC support group with it's first meeting next week. The counselor organizing was surprised to hear I've been around for so long; she was even more surprised to hear I didn't want support, but wanted to give support. Nice seeing you back Gina, take care.

David P.

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Hi Gina. Boy I wish I had only gained to 110! Cholesterol? Why not Lipitor? I think everyone needs at least 110 lbs. Exercise helps too, and the pups would probably love you for it. I have Rocky ( border collie and Australian shepard mix) and Sally ( border collie mix with ears that look like the flying nun) Boy do they love to run and play in between finding important "jobs" they find to do. Glad to hear you are enjoying your weekends. Donna G

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Glad to see you back, and even more glad to learn that our favorite friend NED is your best buddy.

Don't know if you ever got to know my brother, TBone, but he went downhill quite quickly over the summer, and passed away on July 30th. :cry: We've lost so many great people over the last few months, so it's even all the better to know of folks like you who've beat this disease.

Praying for us all,


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Welcome back, Gina!

I'm still NED, about 21 months out. Began working on selling our home and building a new one in about May...sold our house in three weeks, been living with my parents since as our builder drags his feet... The house has been up on the foundation for six weeks tomorrow and we STILL do not have heat (gas line), the inside isn't complete and we can do nothing on our own to get any closer to moving in. Believe it or not, with all that, we are still married! :wink:

We adopted a new puppy in August - she's all teeth! I miss my calm, cuddly ol' dog, but life is constantly changing and the angels come when we need them. Right now, an ankle biter keeps my mind off some of the other thoughts I could dwell on while cuddling with an older "kid"...gotta stay on my toes!

Chemistry keeps the monsters at bay when they start howling from under the bed and my 30-day supply has lasted well over eight months, so I'm doing well! 8)

Victim of a melting brain and hoping to get that under control with some therapy...when that group gets back to me...always wondered what it would feel like to be a vapid blonde - NOT! :shock: (ARGH!)

Glad to see you again, was beginning to wonder and worry a bit...

Take care,


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Gina, I was wondering about you the other day.

Dave went into remission but it came back, to, of all places, his right forehead sinus cavity and surrounding bone. We played stump the docs and the met got nicknamed "bonkitis" because Dave first noticed it when he was playing with Faith and she head bonked him.

He's halfway through chemo and so far it appears to be shrinking. I doubt he is going anywhere yet!

Welcome back, fellow travel trailer devotee! We just spent the weekend camping in the Virginia mountains in ours, it was great.

check out www.trailerlife.com forums. lots of fun!

Karen C.

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Welcome back!!! You were missed (just ask Karen from California how many times folks asked about you.)

Sorry to hear about your puppy (my dog is almost 8 years old, but he's always going to be my puppy.), but congrats on the long term relationship with NED.

Just glad to see you back.

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Hi Gina,

It is really good to see you again..I am so happy tp hear you are enjoying yourself now, instead of waiitng for retirement and even more happy that NED has stuck by your side....I wonder all the time about our pioneers from lchelp, somehow I had a feeling that you were okay...

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Welcome back Gina. Hate to do this but there is a big fine for disappearing without letting us know-- payable to Katie B as soon as you hit the lottery. Do not do that again! Next time request a hall pass.

You missed a great party in July, you could have come to Michigan in your little trailer.

I thought about you yesterday when I saw a review of a tribute CD to Warren Zevon, the title being "Enjoy Every Sandwich."

Welcome back to the fold~


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Well, it sounds like there is a "bump" (or Bonk) or two, but ya'll can overcome them. I know it.

The pets are important. They are better than any drug. You keep those babies! The wierd thing, even tho I know it can't be possible, is when my baby was DXed and I was faced with that horrible decision, I thought I somehow caused it.

The tribute album is a great one.

Where IS Karen?

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