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Question about chemo


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My mom has recenlty been diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer with one met to the liver. She only has one nodule in her lung and one in her liver. Both are small. She just began chemo cistiplatin/gemzar. Since her first treatment she has been extremely sick. Is this normal? Should she be sick so soon? And will she get sick after every treatment? How effective is the chemo she is receiving? Any info. will be greatly appreciated!!!

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Hi and welcome.

The words you use "extremely sick" make me think that you might want to call the doctor or onco nurse. They will be better able to sort out her symptoms to determine what is going on, switch if need be, or give you the comfort of knowing that you are on course.

just my opinion.

Cindi o'h

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I can not answer your questions about the chemo since I never had that combination. There are plenty of people here that are familar with that combination tho. I am sure you will find the answers you are looking for.

I just wanted to say welcome. Sorry we had to meet under these circumstances tho. Come often and keep us posted on your mom's progress.

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I agree with Cindi, it never hurts to call and talk to someone!

I had Gemzar and really didn't have a problem with it. My Gemzar was combined with Carboplatin and sister drug to cisplatin - supposedly carboplatin has less side affects and isn't as hard on the body - I'm allergic too it, soooooooooooooo.

Call the Doc or Nurse tell them what's happening, if it gets out of control, don't hesitate to go to the ER!

Good luck!

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I had my first round of cisplatin/taxotere last Monday and was also very sick. Nausea, vomiting. I went back to cancer center on Friday and they gave me fluids through IV and also steroids which helped. Was sick again though by Saturday afternoon. Just started feeling a little better yesterday, so a whole week.

Hope your Mom does better than I did. Please call your nurse because they should be able to help you all.

Also, I was surprised at how tired I was starting the day after chemo. I knew chemo causes fatigue but didn't expect for it to start so quickly. So don't be surprised if your Mom sleeps a lot, it's probably best anyway since she's so sick.

Prayers for you, too.


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