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Question re sugar and cancer


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I have been looking around for info. online about whether cancer patients are advised to avoid sugar. My aunt went to GNC to buy a nutritional supp for my uncle (who I posted about last week, Stg. IV) because he has no appetite and is losing weight. A worker at the store told her that sugar feeds cancer so she didn't buy it. Thoughts? I tried doing some online research but didn't really know what to make of it. (Sorry if this topic has been discussed before -- I did a search but didn't find anything. Please refer me to previous posts if there are some).

Thank you.


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Tara -

When I was first diagnosed in November 2002 with SCLC, I bought a book called "Beating Cancer with Diet". It mentioned the "sugar issue" in there and I was very concerned because I have quite a sweet tooth!

When I asked my oncologist about it, he said it was a bunch of crap. (Probably came from the fact that for PET scans they inject you with a sugar substance which sticks to the cancer cells and "lights up" on the scan. But "sticks to" and "feeds" aren't the same thing!)

And my concerns we relieved a little more as I read on the board here about different people, vegetarians and the like, turning up with cancer. Unfortunately, I think that lung cancer is more a environmental "air we breathe" issue and a hereditary issue than a dietary one......


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I think that is an old wife's tale, and the old wife never had cancer! It is amazing how things like that spread. I think it is human to try and find something easy that will fix the problem, and sugar was it. Of course, I think all things should be taken in moderation. However, when Lucie was in her period of not eating, I would have fed her anything nutritious to get her through. How sweet it is! Don

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