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new to board - NSCLC


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I was diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer back in late May when I went in for a CT to find out what was wrong with my back. Had surgery to remove two vertebrae (both were covered by tumor, one was fractured) first part of June. Had radiation at the surgical site. Through various CTs, MRIs and PET scan, located a tumor in my right lung and some cells in my left hip area. I was put on Iressa in July and so far so good -- a CT of the lung in Sept showed the tumor was gone. I go back in December for the whole gamut of tests all over again.

The only "side effect" of all of this has been a series of illnesses, ear infections and every cold that comes within a mile of me. Of course, every little thing becomes a big thing, have had an MRI of the brain because of the ear infection, and a trip to the ER last week for an EKG and chest x-ray because the cold went a little haywire. And I know this is just the beginning.

Hoping to meet some good people here, and to give and get some support through this journey. Thanks. Barb

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Hi Barb,

So glad to have you join us...good group. Cyndy is write, lots of smart peepel hear :D

Really, all joking aside, it sounds as if the Iressa is working well for you. What an exciting drug to come out!! We are so lucky that lung cancer research is starting to make progress. New drugs, methods, and tests on the horizon... it gives all of us hope.


Cindi o'h

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It sounds like you're getting use to the new normal, as one of our members aptly described it. Welcome to our family. We are growing daily (which is not good news) but so glad that you found us. I hope we can be of help. Feel free to vent, ask questions, cry or just plain ask for support. We are here for you.


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Hi Barb. Sounds like it started out pretty rough for you but boy also sounds like you are one of the lucky ones who responds well to Iressa! Welcome and now that you have introduced yourself please let us know how things are going. Donna G

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Hello Barb. Pleased to meet you.

Must have felt good to hear the tumour in your lung was gone. Keep up the great attitude while fighting off the smaller stuff until your next set of tests -- which will hopefully be more great news to celebrate. Take care.

David P.

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