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Mom in hospital again

Amy P

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Mom called early this morning and was on the way to the ER - she was in alot of pain and had bright red blood in her stool this morning. I wasn't able to go (I have been absent from work a little too much lately and was reminded of that recently :shock: ) They think she has an infected kidney stone and are going to keep her for a few days. I feel soooo bad that I couldn't be there but at least she is resting now. Hopefully I will be able to get down to see her tomorrow but she is over an hour away so I just don't know.

This sucks - I want off this ride.

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Dear Amy,

I'm so sorry to hear that your mom has something else to deal with. It really stinks when we have things like this going on in our lives and we have to be concerned about taking time off work. I do understand employers' positions because they are left high and dry without the help they need, but it still stinks!! I just wish it wasn't so. Sorry you have to deal with that when I know you want to be at your mom's side.

Keep us posted.



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I know it is hard being in another place when someone you love is ill. I hope they figure out exactly what is going on and get her well soon. Kidney stones can be very painful. I am sure she knows how much you care and that you would be there if at all possible.


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Amy, I am so sorry to hear this. It seems so miserable for just one more painful thing to come along for her to bear, and you as well. Praying for this to resolve itself fast. And it is true as has already been sad, your Mom knows you would be there if you could.

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