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Support Group in VA


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OK, I want a support group in VA. I have looked though the board and there are plenty of folks right here in VA, caregivers and patients. I don;t know about ya'll but I need some face to face support for this.

For Lung cancer and not anything else, who's with me?! We could help each other or new people so much better if we do if face to face!

Who wants to tackle this with me?! Or who is interested in attending once everything is worked out?

November is LC Awareness month, lets let everyone know who we are here in VA and that we are united and here to help!

Who's with me?!

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You go girl, thats exactly how I feel here in Texas. They have support groups but the ones ive found are either breast cancer or a mixture of cancers. I want a lung cancer only support group.

I hope you can get one organized there, and I'll be there for ya in spirit!!

Good Luck!!


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Hi Beth!!!!! That is a great idea. When my husband was fighting this monster we had no support group at all. I think it would have been very helpful to both of us, to have face to face support, and to give face to face support. I think the addage there is strength in numbers applies here. You go girl!!!!!! Keep us posted ok?

Peace and blessings


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There is no doubt in my mind that your idea will fly! Beth, you can do ANYTHING that you put your sights on.... You can get those cute punkin

hats for everyone...You can tell em, "you can join, but only if you wear this hat....." then you use the punkin' hats when someone starts to grow his/her hair back then you can go on a "smashing pumpkins" rampage.. :wink:

I support your idea 100%! I love my group of sickies. It is kinda nice, though, that we don't all have the same illness; we have the same feelings,though, so that is helpful for us to concentrate on the issues, rather than the medical jargon etc..

Cindi o'h

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Hi Beth,

As you know I've wanted to get a support group stared here in Virginia too. After several calls to the American Cancer Society here in the Richmond, they finally sent me a book. I was talking with my oncologist last week about getting one started here in the Richmond area, and she felt there was definitely a need for one. She said she had several patients she felt this would help. I told her about my experience with the American Cancer Society and she didn't have nice things to say about them. She said that they will not pick-up patients for VCU because of some of the areas their patients live in. That just about broke my heart that the people who need the help the most are not getting it. I would like to see about getting a non profit started to help the people who are not being helped by the American Cancer Society here in Virginia, but I know that would be very difficult. She also gave me a name and number of a RN at VCU to help guide me in getting one started. I am waiting for her to return my call.

Best Wishes,


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Good for you Beth, way to go! Would you believe that when I was diagnosed, I asked my family doctor about support groups and he said "I DON'T THINK YOU WOULD FIND THEM HELPFUL -- YOU WOULD BE WITH A LOT OF OLDER PEOPLE AND IT WOULD BE DEPRESSING FOR YOU"

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???? Thankfully, I did NOT listen to him and found a group that I love!!!

I looked to see if there was a Wellness Community in your area. We are fortunate enough to have one outside of Philadelphia, and it is wonderful. We have a once-a-month lung cancer support group on Saturday mornings, and then there are other special classes going on there at all times (nutrition/meditation/taking care of yourself during treatment....)

This is all I came up with, not sure if either is near you, but might be worth a phone call to see if they have anything closer coming!


919 18th Street NW, Suite 54

Washington, DC 20006

Ph: 202.659.9709

Fax: 202.659.9301


Facility in Development

3420 Greentree Drive

Falls Church, VA 22041

Ph: 703.820.8603

Fax: 703.820.8604

http://www.thewellnesscommunity.org/wor ... ldwide.htm

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I went to MEETUP.COM and am now the Organizer for the LC Support Group (whatever that means?!).

Aside from Linsdaysmom (Dee), she is already a member, ANYONE who is interested in getting together in Richmond and becoming a member of the group should go to meetup.com and register!

Come on guys, let's get together and help each other get through this!

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I think this is a great idea! Thought I should let you know why I am not joining. We're moving to FL in 10 weeks. I'm nearly frantic getting ready for the move (can't take on any thing else) and after the move I won't be here (obviously). Good luck with it.

MurielK (in Fairfax)

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