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Turning in my pass (finally)

Amy P

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Well I think it finally time for me to turn in my extended hall pass. I have been lurking alot the past couple of weeks but could not bring myself to join in and am still not sure how much support I will be but I sure do need it but I will give it my best shot.

I finally saw a therapist yesterday and as the subject of Mom came up she asked what type of cancer - when I replied lung - you will never guess what ? I got next - not did she smoke but rather is she still smoking :evil: I replied no she has never smoked and I would not wish this on anyone - smoker or not - nobody deserves to get cancer. I think that coupled with the look on my face got her attention and she somewhat apologized. Other than that I liked her but am somewhat disturbed that someone in her position would have that view. I hope she doesn't have to treat any cancer patients.

I know I have a lot to catch up on and will do my best.

Much Love to you all,


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None of us by ourselves are any good for support. It is a team effort, and we all pick up the slack for those who don't have any in 'em. So never feel guilty about what you have to offer.

The insensitivity of people never ceases to amaze. But neither does the thoughtfulness and generosity and caring. There are good ones out there, too. They are just quieter, I think, so we don't notice them as often. But it is sad that a therapist of all people was so insensitive. Mine is good, but I don't like her name. But I'd recommend her in a heartbeat. (She is pretty cute, too)

Welcome back. You realize that by staying gone so long, Ry will think long and hard before ever giving you another ...


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Amy,Welcome back.(we missed you).It is a shame some people don't think first before speaking,but then most of them would probably say the same thing anyway.It's not just lung cancer but most other diseases as well when you think on it.Don't worry about how much you support us,do what your able & ask & get all the support you and your mom need.That is why we are here.(one slows down another will pick up).GLAD YOUR HERE.

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I hope she doesn't have to treat any cancer patients.


Maybe after what you said AND the expression on your face AND knowing she committed a professional faux pas, MAYBE she'll be able to treat cancer patients and pack away her preconceptions... Maybe...

...and if she doesn't "fit" you, find another one! Number three was the ONE for me!

Glad to see you back and that you are taking steps to take care of yourself. Drop a PM if you just need to vent.



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WELCOME BACK! I hope you got all your work caught up and your life is a little more under control.

I'm glad you found a counselor you like. I wouldn't be too hard on her about the smoking question (not that you were). I think that response is just as natural to people as the answer is to "How are you?" Smoking and lung cancer have always been associated together and the uneducated just naturally think that's the cause.

I do agree that it's insensitive to ask if the person smoked, but for some reason people just don't make that connection until it's brought to their attention. People LOOK for a cause of lung cancer because they've been educated to believe there is only one cause - smoking!

Yes, it's an insensitive question most of the time asked by people that are very sensitive people, and I just don't think they have a clue because they never thought about it. It's up to all of us to gently educate them and the world.

So glad to see you back, Amy!



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Welcome Home Amy!!! Good for you! I'm glad you just shot it right back to her. People are so ruthless and have such predetermined ideas about things they aren't even qualified to be discussing. I think the majority of the general population think that if you have lung cancer you must be a smoker. Do these people read the newspaper or watch television? My husband was a smoker, for way too many years. However, I am not and have never been a smoker but, according to statistics, my chances of developing lung cancer in my lifetime are greater because I have merely been exposed to second hand smoke! Good luck Amy and I'm so glad you've come home!

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