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Any information I post here, especially other Internet Sites has been been verified by me to be safe to access, No xxxo, No Spam,, No security problems, as I have already checked them out.. I will NOT share anything, anybody would find in poor taste, or unsafe..

OK now to end some minor confusion, I have (3) different E-mail address's

1. wa3znp@yahoo.com

2. wa3znp.@lycos.com

3. wa3znp @ comcast.net

One of them I use for business only, but can, and do, receive messages at any of them.

Doug Wilson


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I have a son who surfs the 'Net every now and then. The safety rules are to not use his full name (if even his first name), not give an email address, not give his home address, and not give the home phone number. This is for his safety because you can never tell who is reading what out there. I am concerned that you place all of this "sensitive" information in your postings. I would hope you consider that it isn't just members who browse this board and there are "all kinds" out there and maybe remove your personal information.

Be safe,


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