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November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Guest DaveG

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Guest DaveG

November is just 4 short months away, and what are you doing to enhance Lung Cancer Awareness Month?

Now is the time to start working on projects for Lung Cancer Awareness Month. What are some of these projects? First off, contact your state legislators and make them aware of Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Push for a Proclamation from you State Legislature or Governor. Contact the local media, TV Stations and newspapers, and find out who your allies may be. Order awarness ribons from ALCASE 800-298-2436 and give out ribbons to all your friends and family members. Because of the stance that NBC has taken towards lung cancer, contact your local NBC Affiliate.

Some simple advice when contacting your governmental officials, keep it simple, short, and straight to the point. One short paragraph should be enough and do not get wordy.

If you are involved in a local lung cancer support group start discussing ways of advertising your group's availability. Make a brouchere, and give that brouchere widest distribution. If money is a problem, approach one of the local print shops and see if they will donate the printing.

Organize fundraisers for your local cancer center for lung cancer research, such as something similar to the golf outing I have organized. Ideas may include softball tournaments, run/walk, bowling tournaments, marathons, etc.

If anyone has any other ideas, now is the time to start working. An example is, as soon as the golf outing is over, we start planning the golf outing for 2004. We look at what was successful with this year and what was not successful. We grow on the success. Now is the time for us to start talking to potential sponsors for next year's outing.

I hope this has presented some ideas for people to work with. Anyone have any more ideas?

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